Mini Floral Loop Mini Saffron Silk Wax Rope Braided Bracelet

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Mini floral loop Handmade silk wax rope Each one is unique!


Mini Floral Loop Mini Saffron Silk Wax Rope Braided Bracelet

商品説明 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mini Floral Loop. Mini Squandering 2017 Curly Curly latest development Squandering 2.0 --->>> Mini Squander was born Some cute and somewhat temperament Preserving the uniqueness of squandering flowers (more than chaotic flowers) Add some elements of the elf🌿 Paired with 925 sterling silver? Hook (question mark hook) Reveal the more slender characteristics More able to match other bracelets or watches Using silk silk wax rope random color matching It is recommended to choose more than 8 colors You can also choose the existing style of the page. But even the same color selection will produce different products. Each one is unique! ! ! **| Use 925 sterling silver buckle |** Mini Squandering with the new 925 sterling silver buckle The shape is flat and can be flat on the skin There is no foreign body sensation, and when you write, you will not be Bean to XD. Mini squandering and squandering are the same weaving methods It’s so cute, so cute~ The colors are also random, with the mood Every one is unique! The difference with chaos is the fixed way Squandered wristband is fixed with buttons The mini ring flower is fixed with the same silver button as the elf bracelet. In addition, the mini-small flower is named Mini Squander Because the overall thickness is slimmer than the random flower bracelet! ! ! As shown above, the left side is a random flower bracelet, and the right side is a mini smudged bracelet. [People Customs Sample Reference Area] M01 Color card reference number: 01,06,07,09,24,33 M02 Color card reference number: 05,11,17,20,24,26,27,28 M03 Color card reference number: 02,04,05,09,11,12,15,17,20,21,22,30,31,35 (special gradient design) M04 Color card reference number: 01,02,11,14,15,16,17,26 M05 Color card reference number: 01,11,18,19,24,25 M06 Color card reference number: 03, 20, 31 M07 Color card reference number: 05,16,17,18,20,26,27,28 M08 Color card reference number: 04,05,06,07,11,14,18,24 M09 Color card reference number: 01,03,11,15,17,18,20,21,35 M10 Color card reference number: 01,11,18,24,25,33,34 M11 Color card reference number: 11, 15, 17, 18, 24, 31, 16 M12 Color card reference number: 07,12,15,16,,19,22,25,38 [Silk wax rope color card number is as follows:] 01 white 02 Gray 03 black 04 bright red 05 red 06 pink 07 pink 08 Deep Pink 09 wine red 10 bright yellow 11 yellow 12 orange 13 orange 14 grass green 15 green 16 dark green 17 olive green 18 light blue 19 Turkish Blue 20 dark blue 21 light purple 22 bright purple 23 dark purple 24 naked 25 khaki 26 light coffee 27 coffee 28 deep coffee 29 cherry powder 30 grape purple 31 blue 32 skin tone 33 meters white 34 hemp 35 flax 36 blue green (blue) 37 lake green 38 lake blue 39 Army Green Recent photo PS. After the wax rope is worn, the color will become lighter and brighter. For example, 09 will retreat into a beautiful wine red. After deciding that you want 4~8 colors,**remember to make sure you want the color card number in the order note when placing the order, and attach your actual hand circumference!** **If you can't decide on the color scheme, you can also refer to the ready-made example, as long as you can number the ring in the order note.** (But to remind everyone, even if you choose the same color as the example, the finished product will not be exactly the same! This is the magical place of the mini smudged bracelet!) EX1: Hello, I want, hand circumference 14cm EX2: Hello, I want to order M02, hand 14cm [Skills for newcomers] If you are the first to order a mini smudged bracelet, you should have some difficulty in choosing the color. You may not be able to determine the color matching after reading the above examples. There are some tips to help you! **1. Color selection** Pick out the color you like! Suppose I like yellow and green, I can choose between yellow and green, and the color card number will fall between 10 and 17. **2. Select by theme** In addition to the color system, you can also choose according to your favorite theme, such as: earth color, forest, ocean wind, garden wind, etc., has also done a series of random flower bracelets with the theme of cartoon characters, such as : Gross, Bigeye, Toy Story, Hu Di, etc., but you have to trouble everyone to avoid too abstract themes. If you can't provide pictures, please describe the feelings you want in words. [Hand circumference measurement method:] 1.) Decide which position you want the bracelet to wear the loosest. 2.) Take out a rope (or have a cloth ruler better) and lap it around the skin to measure the actual hand circumference (cm) Remember not to reserve any looseness, and don't let it go! Because everyone’s hand circumference falls around 13~18cm **Please note! If the customized hand circumference exceeds 19cm (above), you need to pay a separate fee of 50 yuan! !** **I have to worry about the purchase of the "My bracelet is going to lengthen!" ($50) purchase item to pay for the extended cost.** **After more than 19cm, add $50** **Every 5cm, plus another 50 yuan**, and so on... 19 cm = 520+50=570 20-24 cm =520+50*2=620 25-29 cm = 520+50*3=670 For example: custom foot ring 28cm, the price will be 520 (bangle price) + 50x3 (extended x3) = 670 The link is as follows: We will help you to leave a proper degree of looseness (2-2.5cm) when you make it, so you need to provide**just the size of the hand** This part is more complicated, if you have any questions, please leave a message! **Because they are made according to the hand circumference provided by everyone, it is not acceptable to return the goods according to the size difference!** [The benefits of silk wax ropes are many] 1. Waterproof, you can take a bath and get rid of the trouble of constant wear. 2. It does not fade, because there is a thin layer of wax on the surface of the silk wax rope. It will stick to the touch before wearing, and the touch is harder. However, after wearing it for a while and rubbing against the skin, the wax on the surface will be When it falls off, the bracelet will become softer and the color will be brighter and brighter. What is more powerful is that the silk wax rope will not fade! ! ! Unlike ordinary cotton ropes, wearing a long time will fade the hair or break easily. 3. Long-term wear is not allergic, not stinking 4.Make a wish, don't forget to make a wish before wearing the wax rope: Quickly order a mini garland bracelet of your own! ! ! **| Production time|** Because the production is time consuming, the shipping time will be adjusted with the order quantity. Shipped within 20 days after the average payment If you need it urgently, please ask the current production time before ordering! **|Precautions before ordering|** As mentioned earlier, mini squandering each finished product is different We will help you weave a beautiful bracelet according to the color number provided by everyone. Please let us relax and accept our creation! After the sale, it will no longer accept the return of the goods due to the color difference or the size difference or other personal operation problems. (Of course, there is no seven-day appreciation period!!) Key reminder! ! **According to the regulations of the State Administration of Taxation, the volume studio can exempt the unified invoice and can only provide receipts.** **If you need to request, please copy the following to the remarks field. If there is no remark, then____provided in the package.** "This order requires a receipt. The information is as follows: Header / Uniform number / ..." In order to facilitate the operation, the merger order is no longer accepted! Curly Curly design & handmade Origin / manufacturing methods Tainan / 100% handmade super hard weaving


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