Forbidden City Authorization | Empress Cup Cover

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Inspired by the collection of the Palace Museum--[Chinese famous emperors and empresses], and the emperor's posture symbolizes the blessings of Chinese dragons and phoenixes.



Forbidden City Authorization | Empress Cup Cover


**"Emperor Cup Cover | Forbidden City Authorization"** **"There are two models in the whole series, it is worth collecting in pairs"** The fun and practical emperor cup cover, whether it is a cup of coffee, a hot tea, the hole in the lid can be perfectly fixed to stir the spoon or tea bag, can also be used to hang up and drain; The embossed pattern and the curved surface design are the exclusive drain seat when the cup is inverted. The convenient and versatile design, with the emperor's noble image, makes every drink to be distinguished. Collection Description: Inspired by the collection of the Palace Museum--[Chinese famous emperors and empresses], and the emperor's posture symbolizes the blessings of Chinese dragons and phoenixes. "Doll" source: ◎**Qing Gaozong Qianlong**Qing Gaozong Xia Chaoguan -- The fourth son of Emperor Yongzheng, the Huangqi Manchurian, Ai Xinjue Roche, the Hongli calendar, the fourth emperor since the Qing Dynasty entered the customs. ◎**Qing Huixian Emperor Guiyu**Qinghuang Guigui Xia Chaoguan-- Gao Shi, Manchu inlaid Huangqi people, the first sub-coat, the river governor, the university Shi Gaobin female. Emperor Qianlong’s embarrassment. "Dragon and Phoenix Totem Base" originated from: ◎Qing Kangxi white painting red group dragon pattern 盅-- The dragon body has a round claw and a reddish glaze with a reddish color. The bottom of the heart has a faint color and a gray moss point appears. ◎Qing Kangxi white painted red group phoenix 盅-- The phoenix head and the body form an S-shape, and the wings are spread on both sides, so that the entire pattern is rounded, and the red glaze is uniform red. **"Exquisite Design and Features"** The emperor's doll looks three-dimensional and exquisite, and the whole is made of silicone, which can be contacted with food. The base of the cup cover has good adsorption capacity and is dustproof and leakproof. It is suitable for all kinds of cups. The meticulous doll rides on the base of the lid of the embossed dragon and phoenix pattern, which makes you carefully close the cup and decorate the table to become the most eye-catching piece. **Material Method** Using SiPex's patented technology to combine silicone and woven fabrics; the patterns printed on the fabrics will be beautifully presented in Chinese historical paintings, which can show the original paintings and create an elegant lifestyle; while the outer layers are covered with silicone rubber. Not only non-slip high temperature resistance, good cleaning of silicone rubber, not easy to stain oil, but also an indispensable insulation partner on the table! Silicone material is soft and skin-friendly, can be contacted with food, and can be sterilized and dried at high temperature. It is easy to remove dirt and wash, and it has practical and collectible value. ↑The exclusive hole can be used to hang a tea bag, place a spoon or a straw, and it is not easy to stick to the tabletop. **Specifications and Packaging** Product Name: ● Emperor coaster - Qing Emperor ● Emperor's coaster - Qinghui Xianhuanggui Design: Taiwan made in China Product size: 105 × 105 × 65 mm Packing size: 63 × 107 × 117 mm Material: silicone Content: Cup cover × 1 **"Relief Material"**


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