Beverage bag Hakka small fried straw fish Taiwan papaya printing green hand cup set

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The use of beverage bags is an option in response to green. More importantly, the first step is "get used to nature." Just take it with you and use it from time to time. The eco-friendly portable beverage cups that can be stored are used to natur



Beverage bag Hakka small fried straw fish Taiwan papaya printing green hand cup set


▶Deeply cultivate Taiwan's original printing brand◀ **Using a beverage bag**is an option for responding to green. More importantly, the first step is "get used to nature".**Just use it with you and you can use it from time to time.** __**used to nature, don’t forget to carry it with you.**__ ------- **▞ Product Information▚** 外层 Outer layer "Water repellent" Taiwan original design print cloth 布料 The fabric is wear-resistant and has good color fastness. Place of Origin: Taiwan Design, Made in Taiwan 材质 Material: Polyester Fibre ✔ Can be stored in a pouch design ✔ Attached small hook X 1 ✔ Size: . Before storage: L6.5 cm XW 13 cm . After storage: L6 cm XW 7.5 cm It can be placed in a convenience store and a beverage store. (Except for the weight cup, the fast food restaurant mug and the fat cup.) ✔ Taiwan original print design ✔ Printing: Hakka small fried print design 印花 Print story: The local Hakka cuisine is based on the taste of "salty, fragrant, and fat". The Hakka's fried ingredients are simple and simple. The pork Q and the squid's chewy are mixed with the sautéed sauté and salty sweetness. The classics are also the most homely cuisine. ✔ Printing: straw fish print design 印花 Print story: I often say, don't deal with striped fish, it is the trap of the devil, the messenger of death, they always wander between the ocean and the gates of heaven, when the saury brothers are not intimidating with the striped fish, I saw that they have been slowly taken away and left. ✔ Printing: Taiwan papaya printing design 印花 Print story: Taiwan is rich in a variety of fruits, and the most representative of the rich taste of Baodao, I think it should be papaya milk! #真爱爱瓜瓜牛奶 __**Group purchase is more favorable, and the choice of printing is more free.**__ With special needs, you can communicate with each other. Beverage bag, good storage The first beverage bag storage competition Going to work to buy a cup of American style to take out [beverage bag] ------- **温馨 Warm reminder▚** • When shooting photos, the color of the physical product is the same as possible, but the color will vary depending on the settings of each computer screen. • Commodities are primarily entities. • 茚Yin Taiwan Taiwan local culture story flower cloth • Use and maintenance: 30 degree low temperature wash, machine washable • There may be some differences in the print pattern on the product due to the manufacturing process of the printed product. (The position of the pattern will not be the same as the product image. If there is special demand, you can communicate by message before placing the order).