Handmade teak high cake stand

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Each piece of tableware is a unique piece of art, and the wood knots, wood grain changes and wood shades of the logs are


Handmade teak high cake stand


[brand story] Hold a bowl of wood warm and thick, take a spoonful of teak of the faint fragrance, do not paint the insistence, bring nature and peace of mind into the home. Using old teak wood from Indonesia, the dense annual rings witness the growth of the years, depicting the unique texture of each wood-made utensil, making people unconsciously emerge with a fresh and beautiful life. [Features] - Old teak wood is hard and durable, rich in natural oils, making it less prone to deformation or odor absorption - One-piece forming of wood, no need to worry about mold and mold problems - Natural chemical wood treatment without coloring, lacquering, etc. - Handcrafted by traditional craftsmen, each utensil is unique [Dimensions and Specifications] - Diameter: 25 cm - Height: 9 cm *Please note: Since this product is handmade, the size error range is ±1-2 cm for the normal range. [Material] - old teak [Old Teak] The age of the tree is more than 60 years. The Indonesian industry is called old teak. Its oil content is higher than that of the new teak. The hardness is also high. The gap between the wood grain is dense. The old teak will have scars, weathering, chamfering and other traces. The authenticity of the source and the traces of history. [Usage and maintenance methods] - Daily maintenance can be applied to a small amount of food grade mineral oil to create a protective film on the surface. - It is recommended to use a neutral detergent and a soft sponge to clean, and wipe with a soft cloth, in a cool, ventilated place, and keep it dry. - Avoid prolonged soaking. Do not use in microwave ovens, dishwashers, electric cookers, ovens, refrigerators. - Avoid using a pot brush or a melon cloth to avoid scratching the teak. ※ This product is made by hand, please use it 【Special Note】 The color has been tried to adjust to the same as the real product, but the screen display of each computer is not the same, please consider clearly and subscript. [Introduction to the store] Mountain Living advocates a natural and freehand attitude towards life. We believe that natural and pure materials are new life trends that are continually symbiotic with the environment. I hope that in the busy and compact life pace, with the original design of the log furniture, Italian top-class boutique sofas that adhere to the taste of art life, beautiful European home furnishings, The creative dining porcelain of the Michelin-starred restaurant, with its creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, shows the modern furniture of the elegant industrial style. European centuries-old classic fragrance soap, European designer furniture and stationery with both rationality and humor. Combine it with professionally brewed coffee into a composite lifestyle brand that blends design, art, culture and humanity. Inject a pure, natural and comfortable atmosphere into the home space to create a new and unique new life aesthetic.


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