Larry Marble Seal 925 Sterling Silver Heavy Knit Classic Necklace Nepal Handmade Mosaic

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Larry Marble Seal 925 Sterling Silver Heavy Knit Classic Necklace Nepal Handmade Mosaic


Product Description: 925 sterling silver hand to create heavy industry classical trim style The beautiful seaweed Lalima stone healing the soul Commodities include: Lalima stone 925 sterling silver pendant, 45cm silver chain, necklace box, Nepal special packaging bags, wipe silver cloth Note: 1. You can purchase silver chain $ 150 2. If you do not need silver chain can contact the designer, the amount of goods - $ 150 (with leather chain) Pendant Size: 30 * 17mm (with rings) Bare stone size: 15 * 12mm Weight: about 6.5g Maintenance: 1. Nepal silver jewelry will be slightly higher than the purity of 925 silver, if the silver oxidation can be wiped with silver wipes can be brightened 2. Natural stone can be wiped with a cotton pad gently wipe the water Lalima Stone (Sealite) Efficacy: (1) Lalima corresponds to the throat, can purify the language and increase communication skills, to help the individual's ability to express, language skills and perception, the respiratory, immune system, throat, thyroid also help, if breathing or throat inappropriate , Can seek coordination. (2) Lalima also corresponds to the heart wheel, is a kind of energy and harmony to promote harmony and harmony, can combine the mind and thoughts and emotions, can make the feelings of balance, attributed to the quiet. (3) Lalima stone like the ocean, with a cool, lyrical, dialysis of energy, help to balance the internal fire and water-based elements, such as inflammation, infection, anger and other more irritable symptoms, relieve stress. (4) beautiful and fresh Lalima, to help people objectively examine, assess their own ideas, behavior patterns, and thus improve, is a kind of gem can promote introspection, can help the event from a different point of view or more positive view The (5) helps to purify the body and the chakras of tangible energy, so that a person's energy flow, promote open attitude changes and improvements, but also soften the pressure and tension, the release of positive energy, return to vitality. Origin / manufacturing method Origin Nepal handmade