Handmade custom-made iron knife wood dark fog irregular cut face pendant

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The wind blew through the night in the misty forest, alarming the inner uneasy soul... It is made of resin and wood made of different materials. The interior is inspired by the dancing lines, and the exterior is manually ground with a number of irregular p



Handmade custom-made iron knife wood dark fog irregular cut face pendant


[Handmade gift preferred] Attached to the handmade solid wood nest wooden box, I only want to send the most special gift on special days. *Contents include works, handmade wood nest wooden box, maintenance beeswax *The pendant itself is about 2.5cm long. *The chain is made of stainless steel and the chain length is about 50 cm. * Intimate reminder, all orders are hand-made, the construction period is about 20 days, please add the delivery date 3 days in advance to order! ___________________ Shepherd alive wood, raising his own wood. After decades or even centuries of looking up in the forest, I just wait for someone’s true favorite collection. If you also like the texture of wood, try to bring a piece of work back, and always feed with beeswax, it will give you the most lustrous luster, through the sparkle of gem resin, time will be stationed in that small square. The wood products of the wood are only painted with natural homemade beeswax, and the beeswax infiltrated into the wood brings out the original warm texture of the wood grain. With continuous feeding, the color of the wood will be more and more beautiful. Elements: wood, resin, real material in nature With the love of wood, I have a unique piece of work. ___________________ Remarks (please read it all) * Each piece is hand polished and non-uniform, and the details of the same series will not be exactly the same, retaining the temperature of the touch. Wood/flowers/plants are made of natural materials, and the surface or details are of the original texture. Natural uncontrollable properties and resin fluidity make each work impossible to copy and unique, so please pursue the "one person". *The delivery method is super store to store, please be sure to leave the name of the store and the "store number" (7-11 for the whole family) when you place your order. Received within 7 days after arriving at the store. If you return over time, please return the shipping fee of 60 yuan. Works maintenance notes: ●Store the work, please put it in a cotton cloth or store it in a wooden box to protect the resin surface. ●In order to maintain the luster and avoid allergic reactions, we do not have any paint products. We only use homemade beeswax to apply, bathe or touch the water, please remove the works. ● Please use the beeswax attached to the surface of the wood for maintenance. For a grain size, wipe it evenly with a cotton cloth. The surface of the resin is wiped clean with a clean cotton cloth. It is recommended to take care once every one to two weeks or before and after each wear. ●Maintenance beeswax cannot be shipped outside of Taiwan. Beeswax can be purchased from general wood products stores or replaced with Vaseline! ● Store in a cool place to avoid moisture or sun exposure. Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan original handmade *Customized time and delivery: ●The works are ordered by order, and the ordering time is about 20 days after payment (excluding the delivery time of goods). ● If you choose Black Cat House, you will be asked to specify the arrival date and the time of receipt. Please fill in the remarks column when you purchase. ●If the delivery method is super store to store, please fill in the remarkable store name and store number in the remarks column when purchasing (7-11 for the whole family, and deliver the designated super business within 3 days after sending it). Please collect it within 7 days after arriving at the store. If you do not receive the return, you will be charged a reshipment fee of 60 yuan. ●International express delivery time is delivered to the designated address 5-7 days after being sent. Thank you for your support!


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