Micro One Design / Dendrobium chinense-Hydrangea

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The dense-leaf kidney fern that is resistant to shade, absorbs carbon dioxide or decomposes organic dust. The aluminum wire can be bent and changed according to the angle you like, and the wooden base designed by Weiyi adds texture.



Micro One Design / Dendrobium chinense-Hydrangea


△ About Hydrangea spp. ・ I like a warm, humid and watery environment with good adaptability. ・ Feather-like compound leaves absorb carbon dioxide or decompose organic dust. ・ Aluminum wire can be bent and changed according to the angle you like, with a wooden base designed by Weiyi to add texture. △ Way of care ・ It is shade-tolerant and should avoid locations where the sun will directly shine. ・ It is recommended to place it in a well-ventilated, half-day or scattered light location where the light is bright. ・ Pour water once every 2-3 days, and the number of watering can be increased or decreased depending on the temperature and cargo environment. ・ You can touch whether the moss ball is dry and then supply water, or soak it directly in the water to wait for the water to absorb. △ Product specifications ・ Variety name: Dendrobium chinense ・ Moss ball size: Moss ball diameter is about 6 x 6 cm, plant height is about 18 cm ・ Base size: diameter 10 x 10 cm, height 5 cm (aluminum wire approximately 2 cm) ・ Commodity materials: plants, sphagnum moss, carbonized fir, aluminum wire ・ Place of origin: Taiwan TAIWAN ・ Production method: handmade △ Delivery instructions ・ Plants can only be shipped in Taiwan, and it takes about 3-5 working days to stock up by hand. ・ It will be shipped after the protection package is completed, but the delivery process may still collide and squeeze, resulting in blade collision damage or chipping, which is normal. ・ Please pick up the goods as soon as possible when you receive the notice to avoid affecting the health of the plant. △ Matters needing attention ・ Photographs are for illustration only, not actual products shipped, and color differences may occur on the screen. ・ Handcrafted, each pot of plants is unique and will vary according to plant growth. ・ Depending on the season, climate, and growing environment, the size or posture of the plants will also vary. ・ Please read carefully after placing an order. Those who place an order will be deemed to agree, and the order or refund cannot be discarded at will. △ Micro-one design We are just a tiny studio, but we are doing everything seriously. In this fast-moving world, Weiyi design still uses traditional craftsmanship and insists on using its own speed to convey the warmth of hand-made work. I also tried to integrate humorous creativity and positive life attitude into traditional wood crafts, so that people can truly feel the smile and warmth brought by wood.


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