Hand-dyed leather hatchback envelope packet - carmine

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Hand-dyed leather hatchback envelope packet - carmine


Adopt special techniques of hand-dyed leather, a little uneven dyed leather to the clouds in a way. Small oblique backpack back up the very texture, the back can also put the card at any time to force the closing in Station - If need to order other colors please contact the designer, thank you! https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XzVoelEZgtQ/WD6AV7R_1XI/AAAAAAAARnk/sfZEUqRlIvkGteuasopfx1no-qTCiqZHgCLcB/s640/%25E8%2589%25B2%25E5%258D%25A1.jpg Size: W20.5xH12.5xD3.5 cm Leather: vegetable tanned leather, leather line **Please note before buying** Most of the leather we use for the vegetable tanned leather, so the surface of the leather will be a little flaw is normal, there is a common flaw**moth**- when cattle were growing insect bites,**mark or scar**- deep or large scars will avoid the production of goods out, the smaller is not,**growth pattern**- only bovine fat or thin lines will produce, just like humans stretch marks,**water marks**- tanned leather traces generated in the process; if you do not mind how many slight flaws on the commodity, and will touch via the user's hand and let the color becomes deeper, you are very welcome to purchase, in addition, each computer colors a little color, if there are questions about the color, please contact the designer, thank you! **Lettering services** Lettering service for free within 12 characters, over 12 characters will be plus 30 yuan, only uppercase letters of the alphabet, letter size 2mm, digital size 3mm, commodity after lettering can not be undone, so do not accept returns, in addition, because manual alignment it will not be too straight, as shown below https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-5xcrVoCpbyk/Vt0A6i9O-ZI/AAAAAAAARQ8/ptF38ap_d7s/s1600/DSC09642.jpg **Maintenance mode** 1. hit the water as soon as possible with a dry cloth water, dried and placed in the shade, avoid exposure to sunlight. 2. Under normal use, cleaning and maintenance without oil, if you want to use from lack of cleaning and maintenance of oil, use transparent shoe polish mink oil or leather maintenance, do not use milk Lai wiping may damage the leather. 3. Regular use will increasingly bright leather, darker, these are a normal phenomenon Oh! 4. The use of goods dyed vegetable tanned leather made, although there are surface treated to protect the color does not come off, but it is possible because of the environmental impact of humidity, temperature and other dye to other things, it was easier to be dyed like a cushion, rubber class products. **Leather Angeline studio on canvas** Bright colors, simple configuration, use it every day will be very happy of goods, which is what we insist on the idea. Every day we work with enthusiasm, hoping to create a more life, more practical goods, let us every day with a walk with their own taste. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade


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