Spring Flower Acacia Mimosa Garland Necklace Hand Knitted Japanese Natural Twine Birthday Gift

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Small yellow Mimosa flower clusters x pure white cold dingzi florets x coral-like branches, all hand-woven garland necklaces that give people an elegant and fresh feeling, simple clothes are also easy to match.


Spring Flower Acacia Mimosa Garland Necklace Hand Knitted Japanese Natural Twine Birthday Gift


**Mimosa (Acacia / Mimosa) series works** **Content** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/32842099787_fdbf3d30af_b.jpg __Mimosa__ Flower language: grace, gratitude, friendship * Mimosa Acacia, many people mistakenly think it is mimosa. It is probably pinnately similar to compound leaves. In fact, the floret of Mimosa is yellow, but mimosa is pink. In terms of botany, it is not the same genus. * Mimosa is a flower that calls for spring. It is like a "golden rain" yellow flower cluster, which gives people an elegant, refreshing and refined feeling. * Italians call March 8 "Mimosa Day" and will give Mimosa to lovers, wives and other women around to express their gratitude. Therefore, hand-made Mimosa bouquets are also good gifts. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/40819304583_bb4bf783a4_b.jpg __Han Dingzi__ Flower language: communication, happy love * The white cold ding with 4 petals is reminiscent of a white cross, so it is a small flower commonly used in weddings. **Product** __Mimosa wreath necklace/necklace__ https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48210065717_c5735fd507_c.jpg * Mimosa small yellow flower x white cold dingzi x coral branch * All braided wires are from Japan. * The hand-made iron wire is hidden in the stem, and the angle of the branches and leaves can be fine-tuned. * Aki's original knitting drawings, making unique floral decorations. **Size** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48210006961_acbfc4b7e2_c.jpg Garland diameter: Approximately 4.5cm Copper chain: silver-plated, about 60cm long, with adjustable beads, adjustable length, with glass bead charm at the end of the chain. * If necessary, you can add a pin on the top of the wreath to become a necklace and brooch. (Please select in the shopping bar, additional fees apply.) **Change the necklace to a brooch** * The garland necklace can be changed to a brooch. * Since the wreath is round and the brooch buckle is straight, the metal position of the brooch may be slightly exposed after adding it. Please understand. * If you are very concerned about the problem of metal exposure, you can increase the thickness of the branches of the wreath when making it, and the effect will be better. However, there may still be a very small amount of metal bits produced by hand, please understand. * The garland necklace is changed to a brooch (without any style changes), no extra charge is required. (Except for bold wreaths, a small amount of manual fee is required.) * This product is handmade by hand. The angle, distance, size and placement of the flowers, branches, and leaves depend on the feel at the time of production. They cannot have the same effect as the photos. This is the uniqueness of hand-made. Please understand. * This product has been shaped and antifouling processed. (It is not a permanent effect, but it can increase the durability of the work. Since the wire is a soft material, excessively strong shaping will affect the natural beauty. Please understand.) **Handwork** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/32842099077_bc81579f27_z.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47785564391_b8359b08b2_z.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/32842098827_92cec753ef_z.jpg * The Mimosa bouquets are knitted with very fine twine and fine crochet needles. Among them, the mimosa florets are particularly slender, only 2-3mm, and the minimum length of the leaflets of Handingzi is about 7mm, which is a very careful work. * Coral-like branches, with a touch of dried flower flavor, are made by winding with hand feeling, and each branch has a different posture. * Attached is something that looks like small hair on the wire. It is a unique fiber of twine. It is a normal phenomenon of natural hemp and will not stab the flesh. **Message Card** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47004125114_8ea7a7b7ca.jpg If this is a gift to express your heart, Aki will make a unique "heart card" for you, The pattern is a Mimosa bouquet, You can print your name and blessings, Let an exquisite gift become more heartwarming. * Please tell me the content of the card in the remarks column. * If there is no entry, the heart card will not be added. * This is manual production, not for sale. **Items** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48210065392_b58e3d75b9_c.jpg 1. Mimosa wreath necklace x 1 2. Silent Moment exclusive gift box packaging with maintenance instruction paper. * The outermost layer is wrapped with a sealed tube/kraft paper with protective materials to ensure safe delivery. * Gift paper and gift box styles may change with the source of goods, please let Aki choose them for you. For packaging, mailing, maintenance, etc., please go here to understand, thank you. https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/9TjUbYe8/ Made in Hong Kong by Silent Moment / Aki


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