Tsubasa.Y antique house carhartt trousers, work pants painter pants tooling

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● Dark brown CarharttPant recommended waist 28 waist ● Pure black CarharttPant recommended waist 28 waist


Tsubasa.Y antique house carhartt trousers, work pants painter pants tooling


●Left) Matching items: Ray used tee / vintage scarf * Model height and weight reference: 155/43 (cm/kg) ●Right) with a single item: Hard Rock tee / vintage scarf * model height and weight reference: 166/60 (cm / kg) Need a wearable and durable, easy-to-wear pants that you can go out with? Tool bags on both sides, whether they are to be loaded with street or tooling, can be skillfully matched. The features of the knee patch not only reduce wear and tear, but also add points visually. In the tide of fast fashion, it’s still a thick touch. The full-length "Carhartt" physical clothing store is sold in multi-color. Founded in 1889, Carhartt was a time of steam and locomotive rise. HAMILTON CARHARTT adhered to the spirit of “honest and honest value” and even communicated directly with railway workers to design a workwear that truly meets the needs. In the 1970s and 1980s, Carhartt was welcomed by consumers outside the blue-collar, and more people learned about the brand. The music circle began to wear Carhartt. Today, Carhartt is still a practical and practical garment that is durable and wearable, as HAMILTON CARHARTT said. "I believe that when a man puts on a masterpiece I created, he will be able to gain greater self-confidence because he I know that this is from an honest manufacturer." Washing method: wash at room temperature, wash the washing machine, please use the laundry bag to protect The products are all taken in real products, because the computer screens are slightly faint. The post-production repair screen has been adjusted to international standards, welcome to ask questions before purchase We will reply you in detail. Please compare the size of your clothes before purchase, do not accept the size after the sale, or not as expected. The goods in the store are all old products of ten years (above), or new products of ten years (above) After years of use or storage, occasional traces of the years, unacceptables do not buy It will be carefully preserved before shipment, and will be basically cleaned and ironed when shipped. Perfectionist please do not subscript thank you


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