Butterfly Butterfly Italy classic style garnet butterfly bracelet

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Butterfly Butterfly Italy classic style garnet butterfly bracelet


【**Products & Story**】 Follow the trajectory of layers of butterflies, flying in the direction of freedom and dreams. The image of butterfly is very fond of Chinese. Speaking of Chinese music, we always think of "Butterfly Lovers." Butterfly Love Story is the most famous butterfly story in China. When it comes to Chinese philosophy, we think of Chuang Tzu. One of Zhuangzi's most famous philosophical metaphors is the butterfly in dreams. The psychological image of the butterfly appears frequently when psychologists do psychological analysis of the consultant during the psychological counseling on weekdays. When reading the writings of the Western psychologists such as Jung, the images of other animals are often mentioned, however But it is difficult to see the traces of butterflies. Is it a symbol of some Chinese psychological characteristics of a butterfly? In the world of psychological symbols, the meaning of butterflies is both good and bad: it can symbolize freedom and beauty as well as soul and death. The most important symbol of butterfly is the transformation: ugly caterpillar turned into a beautiful elf, which is the most dramatic shift. In the "Butterfly Lovers" story, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai are classmates. Because ancient women can not go out to study, Zhu Yingtai as a studious woman, dressed as men to school. She and Liang Shanbo classmates read, feeling deep, but Liang Shanbo has never known Zhu Yingtai female identity. When Zhu Yingtai came home, Liang Shanbo went to send her. On the way Zhu Ying-tai hinted Liangshan Bo's own female identity, and suggested that he wish the marriage proposal. Liang Shanbo did not immediately understand these hints, and so on after hurry to wish the family, I wish the family has forced Zhu Yingtai to marry others. Zhu Yingtai because they do not want to marry others, depression and sick to death. Liang Shanbo to her grave to the memorial, the tomb opened, Liang Shanbo jumped into it. He and Zhu Yingtai transformed into two butterflies living together. The ancients think death is not the end, but a deformation. Physical death may be just the liberation of the soul, just as the butterfly flew out of the pupa. Butterfly in the story of Butterfly, a symbol of good love. Not only that, but in fact it also symbolizes freedom. In the story, Liang and Zhu Zhu can not be together because the family wishful marriage to Zhu Yingtan forced intervention. In ancient China, marriage was entirely decided by parents, and I did not have the right to make my own choice. Unfariant marriage has caused many young people great pain. One of the meanings of Butterfly Butterfly is that as a butterfly, they are now free. In addition to freedom, or freedom and the closely linked, is death and soul. Butterflies often also symbolize death. In Liang's story, they also turned into butterflies after their death. One reason why the butterfly can symbolize death is that it is very light and flying, which is very much in line with the soul of the people. Another feature of the butterfly is that it has a deformation process. Its larvae become pupae and then become butterflies. Butterfly larvae and its appearance vary greatly, no one can see from the appearance that they are the same life. This feature is also the same as the ancient Chinese view of death. The ancients think death is not the end, but a deformation. Our physical death may be just the liberation of the soul. We can also say that the stupid body of the larvae symbolizes real life, while the butterfly's light colored wings symbolize the spiritual world. The symbolic meaning of the butterfly is: the reality may not be beautiful, but the spiritual world can be beautiful, like a butterfly. Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai failed in the real world, but in the spiritual world they have a beautiful life. The graves are in fact the pupas of the Butterfly Lovers, where they hatch themselves as the spiritual existence of a beautiful love. In the eyes of Zhuang Zhou, death is not necessarily a relief of the bondage between physicality and reality. Butterflies are the most suitable images for expressing this meaning. Zhuang Zhou said, "When I was dreaming, I was a butterfly --- Is it a butterfly in the dream? Or is it a butterfly that has awakened into a Zhuang Zhou?" Why does Zhuang Zhou use butterflies as a metaphor and not compare himself to Rabbit or pig? The same reason. Because Zhuang Zhou is thinking about the issue of life and death, thinking about what death is. In the mind and spirit of Zhuang Zhou, living is not necessarily better than death; death is not necessarily a relief of physical and physical restraint, so he chooses the butterfly that best fits this meaning. Butterfly though beautiful, but fragile. It does not have a strong body. In the sense of psychological symbol, butterfly symbolizes an aesthetic, detached, sensitive and fragile personality. Butterfly is a Chinese dream, the content of the dream is "people should have had a beautiful soul." In Chinese culture, there are many butterflies. Under the pressure of violent politics in the feudal autocratic society, these butterflies had good wishes but they did not have the strength to fight. They only pin their hopes on another world: the world of dreams, the world of dreams, the world of death. Using the Taoist or Buddhist theories, they tell themselves that the world after death might be better. All kinds of life are not satisfied, they are seeking compensation in another world. Insufficient psychological energy enough for them to resist the painful troubles in their lives, they eschew reality and evade this ugly real world through religion and fantasy. Among the Chinese literati, there should be a lot of people doing butterfly dreams. These people are too weak to change the real world into an ideal society without psychological power, and they even have no courage to change their own destiny. Butterfly is also a Chinese dream, the content of the dream is "people should have had a beautiful soul." I hope we can be more courageous, do not let the soul leave, let the world because we have more real beauty. Garnet 1. The effectiveness of beauty helps to improve the blood problems, promote loop, increase vitality, and then play a beauty beauty effect. 2. Enhance reproductive capacity helps to improve reproductive system function, and enhance the body's ability to regenerate, can speed up wound healing. 3. To help restore physical strength For those who often stay up late, overtime and day and night fatigue, able to actively restore physical strength. 4. Can enhance people's own vitality, charm and affinity, but also to improve women's gynecological diseases. 5. As a stone body wear, allowing women to have irresistible charm, attracting happiness and eternal love. Can also help women to increase self-confidence, fight depression, brave face the traumatic memories of the past. 【**Specification Size**】 Fit hand around ►15cm (can be customized according to your needs!) ❖ ┅ ┅ To allow you to receive a more perfect baby, please be sure to inform you after the order! Thank you! ┅ ┅ ❖ https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4519/38103249712_136b433a74_o.jpg [**Material Material**] Garnet selection, high texture 925 palladium silver 【**Use and maintenance methods Preservation**】 ► The products of this workshop are all of the most handmade, have the most trusted quality, but do not improperly use the way (such as strong pull). ► When not in use, wipe the metal part with a soft cloth and put it in the storage box or folder bag to avoid exposure to air. ► If the style is designed in sterling silver, you can wipe it with a silver cloth or wipe it with a soft cloth and wipe with a flour. The same effect can be achieved. All goods purchased by the workshop are exempt from the minimum maintenance of the goods (the free shipping is required by the customer.) Please do not hesitate to accept the goods. 【**Glim Gems Exclusive Service Glim Gems only**】 Where to buy any of the goods of the workshop, all enjoy the exclusive service of Glim Gems - "My Guardian Crystal". When you order, please inform the name of the person to be found with the Lunar New Year (such as 75 years tiger), will be able to reveal what you crystal best for you, the best to help you safe and healthy, everything is more effective, everything goes! 【**Brand Introduction About Glim Gems**】 "Genuinely natural and beautiful" Nature and beauty of the true meaning of only Glim Gems Listen to the grievances of the gems? "We have the history of lead, but not the value of" old " "Glim Gems" whichever means "natural glowing gems". Glim Gems believes that everything in nature is unique, even if it is carved for the appearance of the same, the essence is still different natural semi-precious stones. Wash the traditional image of the precious stones of precious stones, with the ultimate hand to show the art, such as wings and creative ideas, compromise in the natural attitude of giving, so that natural mineral gems give you - unique color and style. In the "Glim Gems" to find the most sincere pure self! Origin / manufacturing method Place of Origin Made in Taiwan Pure Handmade & Limited Supply Pure Handmade & Limited Supply


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