Brave Dream Chasing Aquamarine Sapphire Necklace Custom Length Transparent Gemstone

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With the sky and the sea wide in mind, I am willing to chase my dreams bravely 🔸 Brave dream chasing sea sapphire necklace 🔸 20 inches (length can be customized), pendant height 3cm



Brave Dream Chasing Aquamarine Sapphire Necklace Custom Length Transparent Gemstone


🔸 Brave dream chasing sea sapphire necklace **Design Story: I am willing to chase my dream bravely** Size: 20 inches (length can be customized), pendant height 3cm Material: Aquamarine + 14KGF Number: NB19029 Place of Origin: Designed and handmade in Taiwan . 🔸 Related products Sterling Silver Brave Dream Chasing Aquamarine Sapphire Necklace 🔸 The chain tail clasp of the necklace is the most comfortable to wear without any sense of existence. If you want to adjust the wearing length at will, it is recommended to purchase an extension chain. There are 3 cm and 5 cm options. As shown in the picture, the styles from the left are optional chain tail clasp (left) and extension chain (right) . 🔸 Additional purchase activity type extension chain description Allows the length of your necklace to be easily adjusted, making it more convenient to wear clothes The movable extension chain has three specifications of 5 cm, 10 cm, and 15 cm Additional purchase area for other length extension chains → . 🔸 This product will be packaged in environmentally friendly (If you have a gift requirement, please go to the following link to purchase additional gift box packaging ) Goods are all packaged in environmentally friendly, Jewelry zipper bags will be provided, with brand name cards and product descriptions, Put it in a paper bag and protect it with bubble wrap and a small carton . 🔸 JoyJoyGem features and persistence Use top semi-precious stones Matched with American high-quality 14KGF material or 925 sterling silver material Design natural stone jewelry with fresh style and suitable for daily wear Let everyone use a more affordable price You can easily own exquisite handmade light jewelry . 🔸 Taiwanese design and handmade After receiving the order, each item is finished by hand in the studio, please wait patiently . 🔸 Top gem JoyJoyGem uses top-quality natural stones, all of which are naturally occurring gemstones, which are finely polished and carefully selected for quality . 🔸 Repair Provide maintenance service, you can write to discuss the details . 🔸 14KGF and 925 sterling silver maintenance method 14KGF and 925 sterling silver can be worn in the bath and can be regarded as a cleaning method And 14KGF is the same as sterling silver jewelry, it is easy to oxidize and blacken when wearing it in summer. Please also remove the jewelry when swimming, exercising, or bathing in hot springs to protect the jewelry metal and precious natural gems. It is recommended that after each wearing, rub the chain with some toothpaste with water, then rinse with water and wipe dry If you leave it alone after wearing it, it will get darker and darker. No matter how you wash it, it won’t look like you just bought it. The color will be darker. When you are not wearing it, please clean it and dry it first, and dry it completely, then put it in the zipper bag. . 🔸 Natural gem maintenance method The gems are carefully selected and each one is all natural. There will be a little difference from the picture. This is also the cuteness of natural stones. Each stone is made of metal wire or jewel woven wire, which is strung together by professional hand, and has firmness under normal use. However, please avoid strong pulling, pressing or falling to avoid deformation or chipping of gems If the gemstone is dirty, please use a dry soft cloth to wipe it, avoid cleaning with detergent When not wearing it, please wipe it clean and put it in a zipper bag to isolate the air, which can also reduce wear . 🔸 Shipping time JoyJoyGem is a one-person independent design studio currently adopts a custom order method The shipping date is 1 to 5 working days after the order is successful (excluding holidays) If it is urgent or other needs, please feel free to send us a message and discuss with me JoyJoy thank you for your support .


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