Kinetic energy hunting battery-free self-generating bicycle light-Xbat-Vs

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Battery-free self-generating bicycle light, as long as riding will shine, there will be no problem of no electricity and no light



Kinetic energy hunting battery-free self-generating bicycle light-Xbat-Vs


::Product specifications:: Product content: Standard row stainless steel bracket x1, sensor x1, lamp x1, hexagonal wrench, spoke magnet x2 Product size: 105mm*26mm*35mm (spoke magnet 17mm*17mm*17mm) Product weight: 43g, generator 16g, LED light color: red Ontology blue and white shipment ::Applicable models and features:: Road cars, ladies cars, children's cars, etc. ::installation steps:: 1. Take out standard stainless steel brackets, sensors, lights, hexagonal wrenches, etc. 2. Place each part in the assembled position (special attention to the direction of the bracket, sensor) 3. The lamp body assembly is completed! 4. Release the quick release 5. Install the set of lights in the loose quick release and lock 6. Mount the spoke magnet to the position that the lamp sensor can sense. ::Subscription: The bracket can adjust the distance between the lamp and the claw |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ::Shopping Notes:: 1. The color of the product may be slightly different due to the shooting relationship. 2. The merchandise situation is used as an indication. Only the main body of the product does not contain other accessories. Please use the specifications and contents. 3. If the product has to be selected for color purchase, the subscript will not be color when it is checked out, and will be shipped randomly. :: Shipping Instructions:: (Taiwan Island only) ※ Note that the logistics of the general home delivery is in conjunction with the convenience belt company. The convenience belt has no distribution service for some sections in remote areas. It will be delivered by post office or black cat. The delivery period will be about 5~8 days (excluding holidays). If the buyer cannot accept it, please do not subscript. ※If it is urgent, you can remark to the seller or contact customer service after the subscript. We will also distribute it with black cat or other goods. :: Online customer service:: 1. If there are any problems with the use of the product, price, shipping or order, please contact customer service or Q&A. (Open chat can be used in the open air, PChome can use customer service, Pinkoi can use my message, shrimp can be used to chat, Le shopping can use Xbat Facebook message) 2. After the subordinate checkout, the general situation can be received within 3~7 working days. Please contact customer service for urgent orders. ::Additional note:: 1. According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers are entitled to a seven-day appreciation period from the date of receipt of the goods. During the period, the application for repurchase does not have to bear the freight. If you want to repurchase, please submit it within 7 days. 2. Attention! The hesitation period is not a probationary period, so the returned goods must be in a new state and fully packaged (including merchandise body, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and all accompanying documents or materials) 3. Do not miss any accessories, disassemble the product yourself, or damage the original outer box. Loss, damage or missing items may affect your return rights and will be deducted from the damage level for the new cost of recovery.


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