Hand made hair accessories. Large intestine. Tiffany's Garden

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Handmade bowel hair accessories The simple style is easy to wear, and when you need it, you can tie an energetic ponytail or a cute Baotou.


Hand made hair accessories. Large intestine. Tiffany's Garden


【Features】 Handmade hair accessories, large intestine rings are a must-have accessory for every girl ~ When you need it, you can tie an energetic ponytail or a cute Baotou. Carefully selected beautiful printed cotton adds a touch of mood to your daily outfit. . Cloth used. 100% cotton made in Korea . Parts used. The specially selected elastic ropes with better elasticity and durability are used, and each of them is tied with a solid dead knot by hand, and there will be no loosening. The circumference of the elastic rope is about 11-12cm, and it can be tied 2-3 times. There is no problem with the use of general hair volume ~~ Girls with more or less hair volume can discuss the appropriate elasticity with us first. . Origin / production. Taiwan design 🇹🇼, handmade sewing 👋 . size. Hair accessory width of about 5cm Inner ring diameter about 3cm Outer ring diameter about 11cm [Cleaning Attention] 1. The large intestine ring can be washed with water (machine wash and hand wash are acceptable) 2. Do not rub the pattern hard and use bleach 3. After washing, use a towel to absorb water, place it in a ventilated place to air dry, and do not expose it to the sun for a long time (the cotton material will shrink when exposed to direct sunlight) 4. Do not use the dryer (to avoid deformation) [Notice before buying] 1. Due to different screen settings of each display device, photos and actual products may have a slight color difference 2. Each hair accessory is unique, and the range of the same piece of drawing will be different, and each of them cannot be exactly the same (the complete pattern will be taken as much as possible) 3. The fine brown dots on the fabric are cotton and hemp fiber particles, non-dirty 4. The studio is located on Jibei Island (one of the small islands in Penghu County). After the production is completed, the shipping time can be arranged for Friday. Delivery time: 3-5 working days for mailing, 5-7 working days for supermarket pickup 5. Respond to environmental protection, in order not to generate too much waste of packaging materials, we will use kraft paper and post office convenience bags for simple packaging [About slightly hand-made cloth. Embroidery] Born in Nantou Mountain, Weiwei has a soul from the wild, but inspiration germinates on the island. The slightly hand-made cloth studio was born in the beautiful scenery of Penghu Jibei Island. Production of cloth art creations, hand-made cloth groceries, and hand embroidery. Designers prefer flowers and animals, so the choice of fabrics is mostly a natural theme style. I like to make unique and cute cloth works with a little elegance. I hope that people who see the works will be happy and happy ☺️☺️


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