DH1911 White Peacock

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The reason why the white wings can proudly spread their wings, Often accomplished by the dirtiest revolutions.


DH1911 White Peacock


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49302750028_a11f22aa69_o_d.png https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49303260861_822bab25c2_o_d.png - Weight / 48g Capacity / 10ml Manufacturing / Taiwan Size / L16-18.3cm x W4.5cm x D2.8cm - Weight / 48g Capacity / 10ml Manufacturing / Taiwan Size / L16-18.3cm x W4.5cm x D2.8cm **-** With natural feathers, the size of each bottle is slightly different, and the actual product is the main product. Color swatches may vary from screen to screen. Product photos and colors are for reference only. This product is for external use only. Please avoid eating by children and keep away from high temperature and fire. After use, lock the cover tightly and place it in a cool and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight. Once the nail polish is opened, we cannot return it based on hygiene considerations. Please forgive me. - Precautions 1. The luster and saturation of the luster is better than the luster and saturation of the general luster, but it cannot be compared with the effect of professional nail polish. 2. Depending on the condition of the nail surface and the usage habits, it will affect the gloss and long-lasting of the bright and colorful finger. 3. At present, UV finger color curing machine can be placed about 2-4 fingers at a time, depending on the use conditions and hand size. 4. The saturation and texture of the color will be slightly different according to the concept of the work. 5. If there is a wrinkle phenomenon after the light is illuminated, it means that the color coating is too thick, which causes the outer layer to solidify but the inner layer is not yet. 6. Please try to avoid the overflowing of the light color and touching the edge of the finger. In this condition, it is easy to cause peeling and affect the durability. 7. Please avoid using hand care creams, essential oils and other skin care products before coloring. It is easy to make finger paints not easily adhere to the nail surface and affect the durability. 8. For a longer lasting suggestion, wipe the leading edge of your fingertips lightly. 9. Keep finger paint bottles and brushes away from UV finger paint curing machine to avoid light from thickening.


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