<Gift tilapia> m jar Limited Edition Medium beaming Chinese Lunar New Year gift 800gx2*at the end of the anniversary buying*

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&lt;Gift tilapia&gt; m jar Limited Edition Medium beaming Chinese Lunar New Year gift 800gx2*at the end of the anniversary buying*


Our intention is custom make gift boxes sent from the meter blessing, send "m" in addition to practical, hidden behind a greater blessing hidden meaning in the old days when there is a certain economic capacity of man, or in case of major festivals and New Year blessing happens, it could afford to eat rice. But also because of "rice" in the old days things are so precious, so send "m" is another meaning to wish each other to worry about food, has a long-term meal ticket blessings, blessings endless meaning. Meters and send the couple to send births the meters also send blessings. whether married, engagement, birthday, graduation, teacher appreciation, birthday, into the house, activities, worship, temple, gods ... birthday gifts and so on need of the occasion, all guests have to order special customization rice with a little gift of Ganzi Dian illustration: sleeping cat, traditional rice bucket, glass candy jar ..., really miss from childhood, and Pinkoi style echoes. Product Name: <gift tilapia> m jar Limited Edition Medium festive holiday gift 800gx2 Taiwan Tainan Terrier 9 and 13 with rice From Taiwan-billion Michang Since 1930 Packaging: PET plastic bottles Origin Source: LTK Watershed Soil - alluvial soil. Acacia originated in the foothills of the LTK is Taiwan's longest river, winds through the heart of central Taiwan, all the way to smuggle large amounts of organic minerals washed down to form a broad and fertile alluvial plain LTK. Soil rich in organic and mineral, and water retention ability, good air permeability: with plenty of sunshine, making the rice grain fragrant Q, crystal clear and full grain, medium viscosity. Rice species: 11 Tainan, Taichung No. 192, etc. of good quality rice LTK Basin deployment rice species. Milling way: the production process in order to maintain the freshness of the deep freeze, Japan Shizuoka rice dryer. Storage: The best flavor within two months, please refrigerate fresh after opening cans. Wash rice cooking: should have a light and fast principle, washed two or three times in order to avoid nutrient loss. Flooding: Summer about thirty minutes, and about an hour in winter, the process is to make delicious rice is completely gelatinized rice is completely cooked achieve results. Ratio: just a good harvest of new rice and water ratio is about 1: 1.1, After a harvest season, the ratio of water and rice to slowly increase the harvest season approaching old rice and water ratio is about 1: 1.3 in accordance with the change in taste water and soaking time, will make the results of this hard-bowl farmers more delicious !! Steaming stew: when electric pot cooking process is completed do not rush to open the lid and simmer for 15 minutes to half an hour to complete the cooking process, turning slightly to let excess moisture evaporate rice, delicious rice is complete Hello !!! Product Description: Fresh, fragrant Q, delicious, definitely billion-meter most attractive place, but because we want to bring more delicious rice introduce to you after we carefully plan, introduced with the billion-meter living patterns and tailor new rice culture of the modern "rice jars." "Rice pot" can easily solve the problem of storage of fresh rice ready to eat, another intimate scale design allows you to easily understand their consumption of rice and can close easily go. "Bowl = Unit" Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan In the museum spending of $ 3000 free transport, unified sent by China Post