Brave fearless monkey king pencil bag

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Brave fearless monkey king pencil bag


❒ About this picture: Sun Wukong ----- even if it is in Superman. Batman .X war. US captain. Dr. singular, Relying on a strong capital filled the media layout today, Qi Tian Da Sheng, No fear of fear, hate Temple, Still every star little boy in the eyes of unparalleled superhero !! ❒ For packaging and the whole: Packaging part of the current are their own hand-cut, so the round card will not be round, cut may be skewed, the line may be broken water, In my opinion is the traces of the favorite hand, Do not mind. In the outermost packaging, we will attach a small round card, if you want to pencil as a gift, this small round card can be written on the signature, or a brief greeting. Perhaps you have more words to tell him, then you can open the packaging (we choose the paper is easy to demolish, please rest assured, after the break in accordance with the original fold to restore the status quo), pencil inside a long card , You want to say the words are written inside ~ ~ ~ As the round card and long card is printed with their own printer (currently shipments are not, it can not be a professional printing factory production), as seen above, part of the color is not very beautiful, the resolution is not very high, this Please also please forgive me ❒ About the ancient product: Like painting, is always the most important original intention, Like the accumulation of time with the delicate texture, So slowly painting, very slow very slow painting Because each hair, have a different style Must be presented ~ ~ ❒ Size Description: The face length is about 21.5 cm, the width is about 10cm, the bottom thickness is about 2.5cm ❒ Material Description: Outside the water repellent treatment canvas, inside cotton. YKK fight cloth zipper ❒ Other Description: can be used to clean the general detergent, not bleach Manual sewing, size, if a slight deviation, is a normal phenomenon ❒ Place of origin / manufacturing method: origin Taiwan / hand-painted after the opening production


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