Be Two ∣ Handmade Leather Notebook/A7 Loose-leaf Journal/Leather Organizer/Universal Handbook

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● Choose natural single-layer leather. ● Inner A7 iron clips, bookstores can buy pages, high usability.


Be Two ∣ Handmade Leather Notebook/A7 Loose-leaf Journal/Leather Organizer/Universal Handbook

[ feature of product]
● Choose natural single-layer leather.
● Inner A7 iron clips, bookstores can buy pages, high usability.
● A total of 5 color genuine leather A7 hand, subscript please specify
Dark green (near black)
dark red
Pink (Sold Out)
● It contains exquisite hand-packed leather and is very decent for personal use.

[product specification]
● Notebook size: 8.6cm × 12.4cm (Note hand-made and measurement error)
● Inner pages: Use A7 loose-leaf pages, with 30 pages of included pages, and you can purchase A7 pages from major bookstores after use.
● Leather: black and dark coffee color leather
● Hardware stationery clips: A7 iron clips, 5-hole iron buckle production
● Opening and closing method: Round buckle opening and closing

[Usage and maintenance methods]
In the process of using leather goods, it is necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof. If you accidentally get in touch with water, dry it with a dry cotton cloth, then place it in the shade and dry it. Do not expose it to the sun. If there is mildew, clean it with a dry cotton cloth, place it in a ventilated place, and wipe it with leather care oil.

[Plus purchase discount]
39 yuan to purchase - headset cord storage / leather hub / leather reel (random shipping)
89 yuan purchase - lighter leather case (random shipping)
99 yuan to buy - Italian vegetable tanned leather square key ring (can pick the color, free custom stamping)
149 yuan purchase - Italian tanned leather English alphabet key ring (can pick the letters)
199 yuan to buy - detachable triangle purse / headset line storage (can pick the color)

[ Designer and Brand Profile]
"Be Two Leather Workshop" is located in Taichung - Audit Village, carefully selected natural leather hand as an idea, handmade bags with original design, create temperature-improving products with hand-feeling, sewing by hand and sewing, hoping to convey an original product through The warmth, happiness and feeling of belonging make users feel touched.

[ Precautions]
1. The leather itself is a normal natural phenomenon due to injuries or fights during the animal's growth./ The wrinkles/spots/textures are normal natural phenomena. The work is also a unique natural imprint and can accept subscripts.
2. There are no post-production photos, but there may be differences between screens. If you don't mind, please order again.
3. Custom products cannot be returned or exchanged.
4. It is normal for each batch of leather to have a slight color difference.
5. Since the hand-stitched product will have adhesive residue at the finish, please do not hesitate to order.
6. This product photograph is sold with loose-leaf paper, which can be purchased and replaced on-demand at the bookstore depending on the needs of consumers.
7. The situational objects used in the shooting scene are limited to shooting and are not sold with this product.
8. Because the edges of the leather itself are not the same, the mezzanine of the inner page of the notebook must be made according to the condition of the leather edge. It cannot be exactly the same as the photo. If you do not mind, please order again.

[ Origin / manufacturing methods]
Taiwan/hand-stitched/Be Two exclusive design/acceptable ordering and mass customization (depending on order status 5~25 days)


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