Mini heart-shaped potted single pot Valentine's Day / love gift plant / office decoration

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The small size of the mini heart pot is best placed on the desk, feel the deep feeling at any time.


Mini heart-shaped potted single pot Valentine's Day / love gift plant / office decoration


The small-sized mini-heart-shaped potted pot is best placed on the desk, and you can feel the deep feeling at any time~ -About the goods - One with a single basin Ingredients - Heart leaf orchid, hand-feeling pot, wood clip, aluminum wire, marking sticker, insect net, water grass, soil medium Size - about 5 to 6 cm wide and about 8 to 10 cm high (note that it is a mini pot) *The size is measured by hand and the size of each plant is different, and the length is slightly different. To protect plants, plants are planted in pots when packaged. Attach a small wooden clip and a marking sticker. - Care - The heart of the orchids prefers a half-day environment and is strong in growth. It is recommended to be placed on the balcony, window or indoors with sunlight and bright air. When the medium (water grass, soil) is completely dry, the water is poured through, and the bottom hole begins to drip. Also will help you with care instructions :) This product itself contains a marking sticker, usually with pink (FOR YOU). If you want other colors or letters in the picture, please note when ordering (Ex Figure 4 left silver LOVE) In addition, the studio provides marking stickers, which are applied to the goods or cards by themselves (limited to English capitalization and numbers, free of charge within 30 letters). If necessary, please note the words you want when placing your order. This is a living commodity, and proper moisture and sunlight are essential. We will carefully package and protect the products, using cling film, bubble pads, small cartons and other packaging materials to protect the safety of plant delivery. If there is a gift-giving demand, it is recommended to prepare a suitable bag or box. Can be used for home delivery or super-goods - About delivery - "Home delivery", does not include production time is about 1 day, will send a notice after shipment "Super-commercial pick-up" does not include production time of about 2~3 days. After shipment, it will send a notice. You need to go to the supermarket to pick up the pieces. If you want to pay attention to the pick-up time, you can use the tracking list first. If the inquiry is received, please take the unpacking on the same day after the arrival of the goods, so as to avoid the plant being stuffy. We will ship the goods within 0~4 days after the payment is completed. If there is a desired arrival date, please specify when ordering. If you are inconvenient to pick up the goods on the 6th, consecutive holidays, etc., please also note when ordering, it is convenient for you to avoid. If you need an urgent order, please come to us to discuss with us, can you complete the order before the date, thank you for your cooperation.


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