[Wood flower art word] Congratulations │ opening ceremony │ marriage proposal │ birthday ceremony │ eternal flower │ dried flower

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Birthday gifts, proposal, exchange of gifts, etc., or decoration in the office, room, store, can show their own unique taste, whether it is a single word or spelling ~



[Wood flower art word] Congratulations │ opening ceremony │ marriage proposal │ birthday ceremony │ eternal flower │ dried flower


Customized welcome to contact the author | Discuss letters, main suit and background color | Reindeer water grass background please refer to * Figure 4 After the discussion, we will open another exclusive store for you **This is the price of one word**word / $ 350 Options are numbers 0-9, English characters A ~ Z, &, @ Numbers and letters made of wood ☆ Every word is packed in a gift box ☆ Size: W4.3 ~ 9.9*D1.5*H9 ~ 10cm (Wood products are different in size and number according to numbers and letters. The tolerance of hand volume is ± 2.) ☆ With preservation method of eternal flower / dried flower ☆ This product is only the work itself, not including photography props ☆ Non-withered flowers | 100% of non-withered flowers are imported from Japan or Europe ☆ Dried flower material | 90% imported from abroad and 10% produced from Taiwan ☆ Handmade Origin ︱ Taiwan ☆ Manufacturing process ▽ Outer counties and cities provide black cat home delivery (Shipping charge is extra) ▽ Above $ 1500, Taichung City can enjoy delivery service ▽ Pick-up / face-to-face in Taichung (please ask the designer for the location) ▽ Has a physical storefront (Dali District, Taichung City-reservation system) ▾Dry flower∣Non-withered flower∣Eternal flower∣Preservation of flowers∣Stella flower preservation method▾ Best viewing time: 1-3 years ♪ Please keep in a ventilated and dry place, avoiding moisture, and no watering is required. ♪ The flowers are all natural materials. Please reduce direct sunlight and maintain the color for a long time. ♪ Please enjoy standing still, avoid touching, moving and shaking frequently, and reduce damage and falling of flowers. ♪ If it is contaminated with dust, use a soft-bristled brush or a balloon to gently remove it. ♪ Good care can last for years, but naturally fades and weathers over time as normal. ♪ No scent and pollen allergy problems, even busy office workers can take care of it easily. 不 ️ Non-withered flowers are made from specially treated flowers. Each one is unique, different sizes, colors, and textures are all produced in batches, all unique. 颜色 ️ The color is slightly different depending on the screen display. 照片 ️ The photos are all past works, and the handmade ones will not be 100% the same. ☑️ As the flowers are all natural materials, sometimes their leaves and fruits will fall slightly, but this is not a commodity defect and cannot be returned or exchanged. Thank you in advance for your understanding. ☑️ Dry flowers and non-withered flowers still have a shelf life, not permanent. After a long period of time, depending on the environment, temperature and humidity, the flower materials will still age. 如 ️ In case of shortage of flowers, please let JY.florist match you with the right flowers from a professional perspective. 注意 Delivery Note: Flowers are fragile natural materials, and collisions will inevitably occur during the delivery process. They will be properly packaged and complete, but they will still fall a little, which is normal and not a product defect (cannot be returned or replaced reason). Those who can accept please order again; Thank you in advance for your understanding! 😘 If you do not want to use the distribution to create unpleasant cooperation, you can deliver it in Taichung City! Welcome letter inquiry! ✏Commodity notes ↪The works are marked with approximate dimensions. Do not use your own imagination. ↪The whole museum's works are handmade and measured, and some errors are unavoidable. Please forgive me. I hope you can confirm the size of the work again before ordering! Please confirm the above instructions before purchasing to ensure your rights and interests. If you cannot accept it, please do not force your order. Thank you! Note︱JY.florist is a one-person studio. If you have any questions about products, please discuss and communicate with each other, so that the flower art can be delivered to you. There is a pleasant and beautiful transaction process. If you like JY's work, please receive 5 stars after receiving it! 😳 Miraculous acts ︱ make the flowers bloom, show the short-lived precious life ︱ let the dried flowers pass the baptism of time, stay at a beautiful moment for life 封 seal the non-withered flower life, show the delicate and dripping attitude ︱ Bloom, salute the creator We love, because he first loved us. 1John 4:19 # 手 作 课 # 台中 花艺 # 台中 乾花 # 台中 不 垂花 # 台中 永生 花 # 生日 生日 # # 香 砖 # Taichung flower shop


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