2018 Pinkoi Limited Christmas Cake Gift Box - Winter Lemon Snowson

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Little sweet and ceramic design brand "Wenshi Day" cooperated to launch the Pinkoi-limited Christmas gift box "Winter Lemon Snow". The theme of the winter forest, with ceramic snow animals, quiet white country, to the deepest blessings


320g x 1


2018 Pinkoi Limited Christmas Cake Gift Box - Winter Lemon Snowson


When I was a child, did you have a good imagination for Christmas? I fantasize that I was wearing a plush coat, and when I exhaled, I spit out white smoke. I walked in a white snow country forest. The white rabbits curiously explored the trees among the trees and invited them to play together. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4886/31118217137_2efc583f76_b.jpg? This year's Christmas, a little sweet and ceramic design brand "Wenshi Day" cooperation, this tiny dream into a 2018 Pinkoi-limited Christmas gift box - "Winter Lemon Snow". The snow-like whipped cream covers the entire forest, and the soft mousse of lemon mousse and sponge cake is softly wrapped. Under a bite, the aroma of green lemon is clear as the morning sun in the forest, and the bright and clear winter air blooms on the tip of the tongue, offering the best wishes for the quiet Christmas. The naughty animals that are in the snow are hand-kneaded by Wenshiri and then baked in a high-temperature kiln. Five warm-hearted animals: snow rabbit, snow fox, penguin, seal and polar bear will accompany the winter. The lemon snowson cake is shipped randomly and will accompany you through the white winter. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4815/45268990024_fd8b1b0647_b.jpg The gift box is made of high-pound paper jam, printed with a little snowflake and wrapped in red ribbon. I hope that the people who receive it can enjoy the surprise of unpacking the gift and feel the warm heartfelt blessing. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4819/32122250628_4e37f64e78_b.jpg **[Product Description]** Product Name: 2018 Christmas Cake Gift Box - Winter Lemon Snowson Product content: one lemon mousse sponge cake, one of Wenshi Japanese animal ceramics (a total of five random shipments) Ingredients: Kelly White Chocolate / Issie Cream / Lemon Butter / Sponge Cake Product size: 4.5吋 (about 8~9cm in height, there will be some slight error in handmade) Appreciation period: frozen -18 ° C 10 days / refrigerated 4 ° C 3 days to enjoy (after freezing, frozen and frozen for 3 hours) **Warning: ceramics are not for consumption** Ceramic material: porcelain, glaze Ceramic method: After two firings (high temperature above 1200 °C), it is sturdy and durable. Due to pure hand-kneading, the difference in micro-size (+-10%) and glaze are normal. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4834/32122248838_8968a11bfd_b.jpg **[Ordering Information]** ※ This product is a limited Christmas gift box that is a combination of sweet and sweet ceramic brand "Wen Shiri". Each cake will be shipped together with a "Wenshi Day" animal ceramic. 1. Please specify the expected arrival date before 12/25 in the “Order Remarks”. If there is no remark, the delivery date will be actively distributed by Little Sweet. 2. The expected arrival date of this product is “3 days after the payment is completed”. 3. Due to the low-temperature delivery of the black cat house, it is not possible to specify the arrival on Sunday or Monday. ※After placing the order, the sweetness will be completed according to the order remittance, and the order will be arranged. If the desired pick-up date is full, we will also contact you to change the date. **[Black cat low temperature distribution (limited to Taiwan Island)]** 1. The Christmas season is a busy period for black cat logistics. Black cats cannot guarantee delivery on the next day. It is recommended that you arrive at the delivery time one to three days later than the “hopefully received date” to avoid catching up important. time. 2. Can be "designated" to select the arrival time (two time options: before 13 o'clock, 14-18 o'clock, can not specify the exact time of arrival), but it is strongly recommended to "before 13 o'clock" to avoid delaying your Waiting time will also reduce the time during which goods are shipped in the logistics and significantly reduce the risk of damage to the goods. **[Return Policy]** The products of this museum are based on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law as food products, so the seven-day hesitation period is not applicable, and will not be returned, please forgive me! **[Commodity damage handling return items]** 1. There is a certain risk in the house. The car body may cause the left and right displacement of the cake to be 3~5cm. The layered displacement of the cake, the side damage or the decorative drop, the subject pattern lossless or micro-loss, are not within the scope of damage compensation, the risk must be borne by itself. 2. This product is food. Please check the cake status immediately after receiving it. 3. If the cake is seriously damaged (the cake is rotten, not formed, and it is difficult to distinguish the original appearance of the cake), please take a photo in the first time (you need to take a picture of the cake in the cake box), and please "on the day" Contact us喔. 4. If it is obvious that the person is transported, we will contact the delivery company at the first time. Please do not throw or eat the cake before the processing is completed. Please keep the state at the time of receipt and avoid the black cat. Cause a dispute. If you receive it at 6~8 pm, you can also call us directly or at the sweet Facebook fan group! 5. We will do our utmost to package and prevent collisions, but there must be risks in the home delivery. Please read this precaution before placing an order.


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