Classic Lavender Cleansing Foam

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Full ingredients: coconut oil. Palm oil. Lavender soaked Extra Virgin olive oil. Shea butter. Naoh. Additive: Lavender.


Classic Lavender Cleansing Foam


Lavender soaked Extra Virgin olive oil, but also lavender was slightly hand-polished several times. It was made by adding water twice. (I want to make it a little white, so the temperature of the oil and the temperature of the alkali are used under low temperature. Low temperature) Scent: Small French lavender essential oil, real lavender essential oil and French cypress essential oil This formula is the most popular in the soap world (classic 321 formula) 50% high proportion of olive oil with shea butter, is The highly acclaimed formula is ideal for general or slightly dry muscles during the fall and winter seasons. {All ingredients} Coconut oil. Palm oil. Lavender soaked Extra Virgin olive oil. Shea butter fat vitamin E.Naoh. Additives: Lavender. Aromatic marigold pure dew. French lavender essential oil. Real lavender essential oil. French cypress essential oil. Uses: wash / bath Applicable: General. Neutral. Mixed. Suitable for infant skin Weight: 110g (±10g) I hope that I can give you the most natural and beautiful bath time "to feel it together!" Guardian family, pamper yourself, and have a good bathing time. I hope that I can really feel relaxed and happy when I bathe in aroma. ◎ Natural and friendly, friendly earth, No pollution returns to nature. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to use: Smile Mimi Handmade Soap does not add chemical foaming agent. It is not easy to foam with freehand soap. You can use foaming bags and other bathing tools to help you foam. Add water and foam, you can clean the whole body, and finally rinse with water. can. Precautions : 1. Low temperature cold, manual soap is weakly alkaline, please avoid eye use. If you accidentally touch your eyes, rinse with plenty of water. 2. Shelf life: 18 months. Avoid sunlight, moisture, and put it in a dry place after use. 3. Each handmade soap will be slightly different in color due to natural materials. The appearance and weight are inevitably slightly different but it does not affect the use and quality. Please focus on the physical color of the product. The appearance is inevitably left to feel, not like the machine. It's perfect and the weight will vary slightly. Can't be perfect, please forgive me! 4. Extract the color of natural plants and make mineral powder. The color of soap will fade with time, but it will not affect the feeling of washing. Please use it with ease! 5. No chemical scent and artificial flavors are added. After unpacking, the odor will slowly turn down, which is normal. 6. Handmade soap in the process of saponification, will produce a glycerin component with good moisturizing effect, completely retained in the soap body, not easy to dry after washing, give the skin a complete care ~ please put the handmade soap into the soap bag, hang up and drain Dry water can make the soap body not easy to wet. #原价: $220/block. Special price: $170/block "Anniversary Shopping Promotion Gifts" #笑咪咪手工皂坊 Smile mimi Soap 🍄 This month's promotion (buy 5 get 1 free). 🍄{Give soap does not need to place an order} will be shipped randomly. When you purchase the "Laughing Mimi Handmade Soap Square" store, any kind of soap, that is, a special foaming bag for handmade soap. 🍄 Buy five get one free offer (tea tree antibacterial - clothing hand soap and family soap) is not included in this offer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ☆Please note that the soap molds are hand-injected into the mold. Oh, no bubbles, no flaws. #母乳皂手工皂代制 #minimum order quantity 1000g (one kilogram) #Classic Lavender Cleansing Milk Soap #Welcome to use handmade soap to pamper yourself and family and friends! ☆Send to Hong Kong and Macao to use the "Shunfeng Express" cargo delivery fee, the estimated shipping cost within 1kg is about 29HKD. Please fill in the "Business Address" or "Shun Fung Pickup Station" address. Hong Kong and Macao residential area SF will charge an additional 30HKD additional fee. Smile-mimi-soap Taiwan handmade soap


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