Germany bears stupid / theory theory small role utterance embroidery cloth dolls

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Germany bears stupid / theory theory small role utterance embroidery cloth dolls


German stupid / often jaded Xiao Heixiong

Germany is a stupid often carrying a large burden of tired Xiao Heixiong.
Black bear in the world, grew up to be sure to leave their homes and flee to explore the world alone. German stupid because he loved my mother and take care of the German tin stupid, so carefully prepared for him a big and heavy and they send forth a strong salty flavor burden that should be enough to spend a few months or even years. Few people know what it is, only that it was really heavy.

Germany is very stubborn stupid love this sweet but also very important for their baggage, so has the responsibility to take good care of it. De stupid every day carrying this burden around, though invisible to the room will make their own mental and physical exhaustion, but no matter how we advised him, not make him remove the burden rest.

Germany considers this stupid bear the burden of responsibility to protect it can bring a lot of satisfaction and joy, so away from the first day will be no drop of it.

De stupid: "My happiness is a burden from the body."

German stupid / size specifications
Height: ~ 23cm / ~ 17cm (sit down)
Width: ~ 15cm
Weight: ~ 80g
(Due handmade, dimensions are slightly out)
Material: flannel, polyester cotton pearl
★ German stupid carrying a big red and white burden
★ belly fat will press "bubi" shouting!

Each character will stay in a special pouch,
Waiting for you to take them home!

Doll cleaning method:

★ recommend hand wash (avoid doll since high agitation caused by variations)

1. The first doll dust brushed surface.

2. basin filled with water, and stirred to dissolve into the laundry detergent, into the doll, soak for about 20 minutes.
Brush whole range of small circular motion gently scrub the water drained, rinse with water.
And re-filled with water and then add fabric softener soak for 10 minutes, then rinse with water until the soaking water is transparent colorless.

3. Use a dry cloth wrapped doll gently squeeze a few minutes, the water will dry.

4. dried dolls, or in the sun to dry, filled with cotton until completely dry up. (About a few days.)
Origin / manufacturing methods
Hong Kong hand-sewn Manufacturing


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