Goody Bag - Flowers see luck bag. 2019 only this one. Double shoes combination. No pick

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|Only use natural materials such as cotton and hemp. The fabric may come from the countries where we travel and live. |Taiwan's 40-year-old master craftsmanship, each pair of flat shoes is the inheritance and accumulation of experience. | A wide, soft


Goody Bag - Flowers see luck bag. 2019 only this one. Double shoes combination. No pick


◎ Only one file in 2019 ◎Flower see "Luck" blessing bag ◎Fu bag content: a pair of random genuine + a pair of random cherished products (appearing slightly, but does not affect the wearing function) ◎ Do not pick money, letter pickers, small flowers can only say with tears and orders, or suggest that you have some shoes, Xiaohua does not have a special message to reply ~ ◎ Select Size according to the size of the usual wearing. If you encounter a shoe with a large or small size, Xiaohua will automatically select the size of the big or small half for you (eg, foot bag day, spring persimmon day, childish spring day). If you have any questions, please write a letter before booking. Xiaohua will reply for you. ◎Special blessing bag: no return ・ **Hello,** If you are the first time to meet the guests who have seen the path, Xiaohua recommends that you spend a little time, in addition to the beautiful photos of the shoes, also read the text of the shoes under the small flowers and grasses. Seeing the path is not only a comfortable pair of shoes suitable for travel and life, but also a companion who brings you a happy life and a happy life. Please let us protect your pace today. ~Irene and Abby ・ Come challenge to see your luck: In a blink of an eye, we will say goodbye to us in 2019, and 2020 is coming soon. The presidential election, the Tokyo Olympics, and the end of a decade, and another decade is about to begin. So, the flowers think of an alternative way of celebrating, with luck bags, to celebrate everyone this year, whether it is in the reading, the work in the office, in the family life, every girl is worthy of the good, Comfortable pace. Choose a blessing bag, awkward luck In 2020, it must be full of good luck!


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