Light Zen mountain hill cypress cement flower diffuser

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Looking horizontally into a peak on the side of the ridge, the height is different from far to far, and there are table pots with different scenery on each side.



Light Zen mountain hill cypress cement flower diffuser


**Creative concept_** It is hand-carved using weathered cypress wood and then turned into a mold to form a mold. After the cement is poured, the surface has small natural wood grain Let the elegant and cold cement inherit the temperature of the wood. Qunmuchenglin, Qunlinchengshan, The tree is the skin of the mountain, We divide the wood carving into mountains, The original wood texture is retained, Exquisitely presented with cement material, The forest is immortal. **Product specifications and content_** Inverted flower device * 1 · Material cement, Japanese cypress, brass · Dimensions 14 x 10 x 11 cm Dry flower * 1 (The designer will give you the beauty and beauty for you, and will not pick the money, you can also replace your favorite plants in the future.) Business card / after-sale small card * 1 (Germany Matisse paper) (Without decoration for shooting) **About packaging_** The use of environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly honeycomb paper can be continuously recycled, replacing low-cost but environmentally damaging plastic packaging. **Provide customized services_** If you need customization, please go to the following page for additional purchases-> Customized service needs +3 working days, please be patient, thank you. **About the product_** Porosity / mottling / cracking on the appearance of cement is a normal phenomenon of cement products; cement is fragile and easy to crack, please avoid impact. Natural cypress wood has fibrous pores on the surface, which may block the pores due to dust or other contamination. As long as it is rinsed with warm water, the scent of cypress wood will be restored. Each product is handmade, and the texture, porosity, and color are all different. Except for defective products, no returns will be accepted. **About Diffuse Stone_** The cement itself has natural capillary pores. The internal and external humidity can be adjusted through the capillary pores on the surface to achieve the effect of absorbing and spreading the aroma. Dropping a few drops of essential oil on the surface of the cement, the fragrance will slowly emanate and soothe the body and mind. Unlike products that use heating to promote the volatilization of essential oils, they do not produce a strong scent and are suitable for people who like a light scent. The principle of diffuse fragrance_ When the humidity in the diffuser is higher than the air, water vapor will be discharged to achieve the diffuser effect; If the humidity is lower than the air, it will absorb moisture from the air, and the fragrance expansion effect is less obvious; At this time, spray some water on the surface or add a few more drops of essential oil to enhance the fragrance expansion function. Use Tinker Bell_ The use of essential oils may leave traces. This is a normal phenomenon. You can drop essential oils in unobvious locations to avoid traces. Or with natural, non-pigmented essential oil, it will return to the original color of the cement after volatilization. The volatile effect of essential oils and the purity and volatility of essential oils, the current environmental humidity, and the size of the space all have an impact. **About mud old wood_** Facebook: Mud and Old Wooden House @neennmu Instagram: nee_n_mu


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