Small buckle paper cover - Wenshi

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Make your home space more complete by putting a natural and sleek coat on your face/toilet paper :) (This section does not apply to boxed paper/toilet paper)


Small buckle paper cover - Wenshi


**[October pre-order shipment time]** ● 10 / 2 (three): Orders for 9/20-9/26 orders and completed before 9/28 (inclusive) ( Due to public holidays, shipments are extended until Wednesday) ● 10 / 8 (two): 9/27-10/3 orders placed and completed before 10/5 (inclusive) ● 10 / 15 (two): 10/4-10/10 orders and orders completed before 10/12 (inclusive) ● 10 / 23 (three): Orders for 10/11-10/17 orders and completed before 10/19 (inclusive) ( Due to public holidays, shipments are extended until Wednesday) ● 10 / 30 (three): Orders for 10/18-10/24 orders and completed before 10/26 (inclusive) ( Due to public holidays, shipments are extended until Wednesday) ● 11 / 5 (two): Orders for 10/25-10/31 orders and completed payment before 11/2 (inclusive) ------- | Small buckle paper cover - Wenshi | Make your home space more complete by putting a natural and sleek coat on your face/toilet paper :) (Note: This section does not apply to boxed paper/toilet paper) Because it is a relatively stiff paper, it must be folded when you use it (please directly open the paper cover, don't worry about it), so there will be some style of wrinkled paper (the goods in the picture are used) ), please confirm that you can accept the order. We use natural washed kraft paper, through simple and simple design and solid hand-made, natural and environmentally friendly, similar to the texture of leather, has a fascinating feel, love it. Because it is made of natural paper and hand-made, the surface sometimes has a little bit of impurities and small wrinkles. It will have its own traces when used for a long time. This is also the unique but natural taste of the product. (There must be some creases in the production process, please think twice before accepting the order) 〔 colour〕 (There will be new colors later) 〔 Product Size〕 Length 21 x width 11 x height 9.5 cm (handmade will have some minor errors) 〔 Product Details〕 · One side is fixed with a suture, and the other side has a small buckle (made in Japan) that can be unwrapped and placed in tissue/toilet paper (not suitable for boxed tissue). · It must be folded when you use it (please vigorously spread the paper cover, don't worry about it), so there will be some style of wrinkled paper (the goods in the picture are used). [Material introduction - washed kraft paper] Mainly produced in Germany, the United States and other places, is a natural fiber structure, no harmful substances, can be naturally decomposed (buried in the soil for more than dozens of days, visible decomposition marks), is an environmentally friendly material. Although it is made of paper, it is light, but it is resistant to abrasion and is not easily torn (unless there are holes or broken points). It can be washed many times and retains its original characteristics, and can also be processed by printing, dyeing and the like. (Note: This material is water-proof, not waterproof, so it will be wet if it is rainy or washed, but it will dry faster and slower than normal materials.) It has a unique feel, and the visual texture is similar to leather. When you look at it or touch it, you can feel the natural texture of the paper. Simple to make cuts, natural and simple, and can show different personality and traces in different users. Cleaning method: Use a small brush or a toothbrush to soak the dirty part with water and soap. You can also wash it by hand, but do not throw the washing machine. (Note: Although it can be cleaned, it is difficult to remove stains than cloth, and not all stains can be cleaned. If there are stains, it is better to deal with them early.) **Remarks:** 1. No packaging. In view of environmental protection, we try our best to reduce the packaging. If there is a gift-giving demand, we are happy to attach the paper bag, but remember to help us to explain the note, thank you :) 2. Photographs may have chromatic aberration on different screens, whichever is the actual color. **Shipping instructions:** ● At present, all goods are delivered by post (Taiwan area). Due to the inability to specify the time by mail, if you are worried that the time of receipt is uncertain, you can indicate the “waiting for the deposit” and specify the post office you wish to deliver (such as near your home and work place). Nearby), then at the post office work time, with an identity card to collect it! (You can fill in the name of the post office directly in the order address field and keep it in brackets. For example: 414 Zhongwu Post Office (waiting for the deposit).) ● In addition, in order to be afraid that the goods will be squeezed during transportation, we are all shipped in boxes. Therefore, the shipping cost varies with the size of the product! ● Hong Kong and Macao "ship to freight" shipping reference (SF) Volume code: A: pencil case, coin purse, long clip, short clip, notebook, business card holder / B: flat bag C: small square bag, small shopping bag / D: large shopping bag, straight cross bag (narrow) / E: straight cross bag (wide) > Non-commercial areas and remote areas will be subject to surcharges. If you have doubts, you can confirm or leave a message on the Internet for assistance. > The above is the reference value, the actual freight is based on the calculation of the logistics industry. > As the freight rate in China varies depending on the item, shipping area (province, city), if you need it, you can leave a message for us to check in for you in advance, thank you :) -- |Old wood| Old (ㄐ一ㄡˋ), long-lasting feelings, feelings of unforgettable feelings. The master uses warm hands, One needle and one thread pass through the natural cloth, Make bags that are simple and simple, full of temperature and emotion. Simple, close, but intriguing – Let you and I have a warmth and touch, and continue the beautiful traces of memory. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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