Simple light canvas bag L-orange blue contrast color / retro side backpack / super storage tote bag / Valentine's Day

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Lightweight canvas tote bag L / shoulder bag / shoulder bag / handbag / side backpack Size: approx. H40*W37*D20.5cm / weight: 450g / fabric: full-process cotton canvas / closure: strong magnetic closure / interior: 1 zip pocket + 3 pockets / exterior: 1 si



Simple light canvas bag L-orange blue contrast color / retro side backpack / super storage tote bag / Valentine's Day


**[KIWICANVAS Classic Series - Lightweight Canvas Tote Bag]**

🌹 "Valentine's Day Gift" recommended 🌹 定制 定制 定制 定制 定制 定制 定制 全 全 全 全 全 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16**Support 9-color custom**, easily own your own canvas bag.

**💝Free Valentine's Day gift packaging, ready for you💝**!!824243952.jpg

**Gift package content:**

1️⃣**"Best Wishes Greeting Card + Envelope"**1 set
2️⃣**"The exclusive gold medal sticker of the 鹬鸵 Canvas Factory"**1 piece, a dear Ta medal
3️⃣**Postcard with canvas bag care instructions**1
4️⃣**Natural twine**1 piece, reusable, environmental protection starts from the details
5️⃣**Handmade printed gift bag**1, it is convenient to give blessing to dear TA


If you need a gift wrap, please note the "gift wrap" in the order. We will complete the gift by default and send the gift directly to the TA.
If you want to pack it yourself, please note "self-packaging" and we will prepare the packing materials shown in the picture for you.
📌For orders that do not have the need for gift packaging, we will send them in regular packaging, environmental action, starting from you and me.!!824243952.jpg!!824243952.jpg!!824243952.jpg!!824243952.jpg!!824243952.jpg!!824243952.jpg!!824243952.jpg!!824243952.jpg

/**Standable and**/
Shaping 16A canvas through modern technology
Let the whole package stand on the ground like a frame

/**not heavier than the bottom**/
Built-in special backplane design
Let the bag be the same as the one in the pictorial!!824243952.jpg

/**Positive and negative logo design**/
Graphic & text two logos
Clothing style is not limited

/**Zipper compartment inside pocket**/
Compartment design + zipper inner pocket
Make the space planning inside the package more reasonable and safe!!824243952.jpg

融合The fusion of traditional bag making technology and modern technology
Breaking people's inherent impression of canvas bags
Let the rustic natural material
Create the current style
The original canvas bag can also be very fancy!!824243952.jpg

📌 side pocket design
When the time is tight, there is no time to put the items in the bag.
Can be temporarily stored in your pocket
This pocket is on the side close to the body
Easy to take and safe!!824243952.jpg

📌Exclusive customized high-density canvas
Not only the texture is multiplied, the exquisite body shape
More solid and durable, timeless
Thickened bottom design
Even placing heavy objects inside the bag
The package type is still the same!!824243952.jpg

纯The bottom of the pure copper nail design
Not only the bottom of the package, but also the details of the package
More effective to avoid excessive stains on the bottom
When you need to rest
You can safely put it in one place!!824243952.jpg

📌 Intimate bag storage pocket design
Different sizes of objects can be classified
20cm pure copper YKK zipper blessing
Safety factor upgrade!!824243952.jpg

📌 double-sided logo design
You can choose the "character" of the bag.
Style change
Just in the blink of an eye!!824243952.jpg
Ink black!!824243952.jpg
Dark blue!!824243952.jpg
Dark brown!!824243952.jpg

**/ Brand origin /**
KIWICANVAS | 鹬鸵Canvas Works was established in 2015. For everyone, it is a young brand that is easy to be ignored, but for me and him as a manager, this small independent brand is ours. In the hope of the future, I hope that through the work I love, I will enter an ideal life state full of vitality and surprise every moment. Yes, this is an independent brand created by a pair of lovers. It is small, but enough for the heart and heart.

**/ Why do you take such a strange name?/**
You must be curious, why is it named 鹬鸵 (also known as Kiwi)? At the beginning of the studio, a story was accidentally introduced into our ears: a wingless bird bravely fought for everything, even if it was only once in a lifetime. The story largely motivated us to decide to leave the workplace and create an independent brand, and the protagonist of the story is embarrassing. We take the brand as a knack to warn each other of the enthusiasm and spirit of the brand.

**/Our philosophy /**
All of our canvas production facilities are based on our understanding of a happy life: comfortable, slow, fun and engaging. We insist on creating simple and practical design products, incorporating the beautiful discoveries of everyday life, and thinking that good design will give more emotion and charm over time. We hope to bring people not only a canvas bag or a placemat, but also a good and pleasant thing for life. It's a bit stubborn to make a warm product in the most primitive way, but that's not the case.!!824243952.jpg

When you buy, thank you for your understanding of the following points:
Each canvas bag made by 鹬鸵 Canvas was cut and cut by manual scribing, and the error of the finished product size was controlled within 2 cm. In addition, the store image has been restored to the maximum extent of the physical color, due to the difference in the display or ambient light, may produce some inevitable color difference, please also know :)!!824243952.jpg


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