Spring Pink Cherry Hard Case (iPhone.Samsung, HTC, Sony.ASUS phone case)

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The hard-textured protective shell can be washed and cleaned without fading, and will never turn yellow after long-term use!



Spring Pink Cherry Hard Case (iPhone.Samsung, HTC, Sony.ASUS phone case)


"Four Seasons Scenery Series" Spring‧Pen Sakura MU-CHEN shooting in Japan, special project! I want to bring you/you are this infinite beauty Be with you all the time, just like I once had. Feel the charm of nature together! 🌀**If you don't like matte hard shells**🌀 We also provide the following material options Upgrade the soft and hard two-in-one shell👉🏻 https://www.pinkoi.com/product/iDmgc6DN Be sure to confirm before buying‼ ️ 👉🏻Mobile phone case model list (if you don’t have your model, please write to us) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49965947156_3ca68b01d5_h.jpg #production time: The production time is about 10-14 working days. #Material: frosted hard shell-matte surface is not all-inclusive (only cover left and right) ⭕️Some important things you need to read before placing an order⭕️ #The mobile phone case in the museum regardless of the model and material Therefore, they are all customized products, and no return and exchange services are provided. If you have any questions about the product, please use the station letter to contact us After receiving the letter, it will be processed for you as soon as possible within working hours #If the phone has an envelope It is not recommended to buy matte hard shells and mirror shells Air compressor shell is more recommended!! #The hard shell will feel tighter and more difficult to disassemble due to the material relationship Be very careful when disassembling Wrong force can easily cause the hard shell to crack or tear apart Hard shell loading and unloading can make perfect if you practice more carefully! ----- Product Q&A Q: Can I return the product if I don’t like the product or order the wrong model? A: None of the mobile phone cases can be returned. Please confirm it for us before placing an order. Q: Does my phone have a film that can be used? A: Because the hard shell we use has a high degree of fit, it is not recommended if you have a film! Because there is a possibility of scratching the envelope Q: What should I do if the phone case is stained or dirty? A: The hard shell can be cleaned with water or wiped with a wet paper towel~ You can also use alcohol to clean Q: Will the paint on the phone case come off? A: The phone case itself will not fade in normal use! Q: The product is exactly the same as the photo? A: Because of the difference of the screen display, the color of the product may be slightly different! Those who mind are recommended to go to the physical purchase~ Q: How do I track the number after the item is shipped? A: We will always attach the tracking number to our shipments, or you can ask us by private messaging!


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