Xiaomei soap gift group // cold soap / / silk + Marseille + Ziye beverage bag

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Xiaomei soap gift group // cold soap//silk+Marseille+beverage bag. Limited gift combination. Smooth and washable silk soap, moisturizing classic Marseille soap, hand-picked beverage bag, practical and multi-functional gift combination, beverage bag is a ha



Xiaomei soap gift group // cold soap / / silk + Marseille + Ziye beverage bag


【小梅制皂】 Each piece of handmade soap reveals the current appearance of the saponification reaction, the washing feeling brought by different oils, each has its own flavor, never deliberately repairing soap, simple, original, simple, easy to use, is the good soap in Xiaomei's heart! [Xiaomei concept] Living on a beautiful earth, wanting to start from yourself, reducing the unnecessary impact on the environment, doing it bit by bit, accumulating bit by bit, is a kind of power. [Xiaomei soap gift group / / cold soap / / silk + Marseille + Ziye drink bag] The original intention of designing this gift portfolio was simply to reduce some disposable packaging materials. Handmade soap is very suitable for gift giving, practical, no burden, and very good preservation. In a good environment, the longer the milder the better. But the gift always needs some packaging, so that the gift is beautiful and the person who receives it is happy. The hand bag is just in line with Xiaomei’s heart. It is a beautiful gift bag, which is also a practical gift bag. Drink bag or kettle bag. Reduce unnecessary disposable packaging, bring a blessing to the gift and reduce some pollution for our beautiful planet! . Limited gift combination. -Smooth and washable silk soap: silky soapy and smooth feeling, using avocado oil to deeply cleanse the skin, and the moisturizing and moisturizing of shea butter, is a good soap for autumn and winter, suitable for washing or bathing. - Moisturizing classic Marseille soap: Each soap contains 72% olive oil. It has been handed down from France to the classic recipe of the soap world. It has a mild wash and is a good soap for the whole family. Also suitable for travel. - One hand to mention Ziye beverage bag: Xiaomei good partner "Auntie Handmade Studio" design and production, flat size: 15 * 30 cm. Pure cotton fabric, soft and simple, handmade. [About soap] -Smooth and washable silk soap - Ingredients: olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide, silk, pheasant gum oil, lavender essential oil, cedar essential oil. Weight: 100g ± 5g. Application: General neutral, dry skin. Origin: Taiwan, handmade. - Moisturizing classic Marseille soap - Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide, bergamot essential oil, lavender essential oil, Australian eucalyptus essential oil. Weight: 100g ± 5g. Application: Suitable for all skin types. Origin: Taiwan, handmade. // Suggested use // It can be used with a bathing ball or a soap bag to remove more bubbles and then used for face washing, bathing and cleaning. // storage method// Unused hand soap should be placed in a dry, ventilated and cool place indoors, avoiding direct sunlight and moisture. Hand-made soap in use, please put it in a well-drained soap dish, keep it dry after use, can avoid the softness and softness of the handmade soap due to moisture, and prolong the use time. // save time// It is recommended to use it within one year after the handmade soap is cooked. Generally, the handmade soap has no yellow spots, oil consumption or storage environment, and the storage period is at least one year. If the macula and oily smell appear, it can still be used to clean the clothes and use them as soon as possible. // Precautions// Handmade soap is a weakly alkaline cleaning product. Please avoid eyes, mouth and nose when using. If there is any discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately. // Shipping method // Ship the outer box as much as possible in a clean and reusable carton. If you mind, please ask for a message. [hand soap knowledge] Handmade soap, which combines "fat" with "alkaline water", and saponification reaction to obtain "soap" and "glycerin" is a natural cleaning product. Handmade soap can clean the body, wash and wash dishes. Most importantly, after using the handmade soap, it will be separated from water for about 24 hours. It will be broken down into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria. It will not pollute the environment when it is discharged into nature. It poses a threat to living things and does not impose a burden on the environment in which we live.


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