Short clip - Mineral color

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The chain washing and decent of the mine are always unique and bright, and it is the low-key charming charm of the groun


Short clip - Mineral color


**[July pre-purchase shipping time]** ● 7 / 4 (three): 6/22-6/28 orders placed before 6/30 inclusive (Due to public holidays, shipment was delayed until Wednesday) ● 7/11 (three): 6/29-7/5 Orders to be completed before 7/7 inclusive (Due to public holidays, shipment was delayed until Wednesday) ● 7 / 17 (II): Orders placed on 7/6-7/12 and completed before 7/14 inclusive ● 7/24 (two): Orders placed on 7/13-7/19 and completed before 7/21 inclusive ● 7 / 31 (II): Orders completed on 7/20-7/26 and completed before 7/28 inclusive ● 8 / 8 (three): Orders completed on 7/27-8/2 and payment completed before 8/4 inclusive (Due to public holidays, shipment was delayed until Wednesday) ------- | Old wallet - Short clips - Short colors The chain washing and decent of the mine are always unique and bright, and it is the low-key charming charm of the ground. It is still simple and neat and moist in the past, but in terms of appearance and function, you can feel the minimalist atmosphere. Because we hide a lot of details in the production, let it reveal a kind of restrained but unique texture, and simple to use, in order to meet the original needs of the article itself. ● This short clip has two layers of long mezzanine (can be a layer of cash, a layer of invoices and tickets), four shallower clip layer (can be put ordinary cards), two deeper card layer (can be put Important card), no change pockets. Refer to the details section below for details. We use natural washed kraft paper. Through a simple and simple design and solid hand-made, natural environmental protection, similar to the texture of leather, there is a kind of intoxicating feel, put it down. Because it is natural paper and hand-made, sometimes the surface will have a little impurities, small wrinkles, with a trace of their own for a long time, which is unique but natural taste of goods. (How many creases will occur in the production process? Please think twice before accepting it) 〔colour〕 Ye Yan: Wooden with: 〔Product Size〕 Length 12.5 x width 9 cm (with some slight errors after folding/handcrafting) 〔Product Details〕 · The appearance of simple and lightweight, using gold thread and cowboy thread sewing, both texture and durability · The shallower card holder can hold ordinary cards, and the deeper card holder can hold more important cards (such as credit cards, etc.) (If you have a user who is used to a financial card holder, you can also put it together with the sleeve (as shown in the picture). The card layer may start to tighten slightly, and it will improve after a while.) · Two layers of long mezzanine can be used to deposit notes, invoices and tickets on one layer (In the middle part, there will be obvious wrinkles due to the relationship between the paper and the paper. Please consider whether you can accept orders.) · Triangular, short clips are easier to tighten (The inner layer also has a triangular tip, which is echoed internally and externally. The initial use will be difficult due to the material relationship, and it will take about a few days (the tester will use about one day). [Materials - Washed Kraft Paper] Mainly produced in Germany, the United States and other places, for the natural fiber structure, no harmful substances, can be naturally decomposed (buried in the earth for more than tens of days, visible traces of decomposition), is an excellent material for environmental protection. Although it is a paper material, it is light in material but strong in abrasion resistance and is not easily torn (unless there is a hole or a broken point). Can be washed many times and maintain the original characteristics, but also can be printed, dyed and other processing. (Note: This material is water-repellent, not waterproof, so it will still be wet if it rains or is washed. It will only dry faster and slower than normal materials.) With a unique feel, the visual texture is similar to that of leather. When you look at it or touch it, you can feel the natural lines of paper. Simple tailoring, natural and simple, and in different users, can show different personalities and traces. Cleaning method: Use a small brush or toothbrush to dip water and soap gently brush off the dirty part, you can also hand wash, but do not lose the washing machine. (Note: Although it can be cleaned, it is harder to clean the stain than the cloth material, and all stains can be cleaned. If there is any stain, it is better to handle it earlier.) **Remarks:** 1. No packaging. In view of environmental protection, we try to reduce the packaging. If there is a need for gifts, we are happy to attach the carton, but remember to help us explain it. Thank you:) 2. Photos may have color differences on different screens, whichever is the real color. Shipping instructions: ● At present, goods are shipped by mail (Taiwan area). Since it is not possible to specify the time due to mailing, if you are concerned about the time of delivery, you can specify "in charge of waiting for appointments" and designate the post office you want to reach (such as near home and work place). Nearby), after work hours at the post office, you can pick up your ID card to get it! (You can fill in the name of the post office directly in the order address field and put the office leader in brackets. For example: 414 Taiwu Daily Post Office. ● In addition, in order to be afraid that the goods will be squeezed during the delivery process, we are all shipping in boxes. Therefore, shipping costs vary depending on the size of the product. ● Hong Kong and Macao "freight and freight" freight reference (SF) Volume code: A: Pencil case, coin purse, long clip, short clip, notebook, name card holder / B: flat bag C: small party bag, small shopping bag / D: large shopping bag, straight horizontal bag (narrow) / E: straight horizontal bag (wide) > Non-commercial and non-commercial areas and remote areas will be subject to surcharges. If you have any doubts, you can check online or leave information to help us inquiries. > The above is the reference value, and the actual shipping cost is mainly calculated by logistics operators. > Since the shipping cost in China varies depending on the item, delivery area (province, city), if necessary, you can leave a message for us to inquire about it in advance. Thank you:) -- | Old wood | The old one, long-lasting feelings, unforgettable feelings. Master with warm hands, A needle through a natural cloth, Make a simple and simple bag full of temperature and emotion. Simple, close, but intriguing – Let you and I have a warm and moving, beautiful traces of memory. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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