Opaque black glass perfume essential oil bottle old glass bead necklace

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Approximate size: Rope: The longest is about 60cm (if you need to shorten the length of the necklace after placing the order, you can leave a message to shorten the length) Blue-green essential oil bottle: 4cm high ◢ Due to environmental protection considerations, the shipping packaging is based on the principles of simplicity and protection! Please inquire


Opaque black glass perfume essential oil bottle old glass bead necklace


Use suede rope as the background color. Wrap the handmade old glass beads made by ancient methods with wax thread. All the materials are carefully selected and matched from various places. Because the old glass beads are handmade, each shape is somewhat different. Oh! It's a very special work! *This essential oil bottle is a handmade glass essential oil bottle, and it is normal for a slight uneven surface or bubbles, etc.! It will not affect the use function at all~😊 Materials used include: suede rope, wax thread, colored glaze, old colored glaze from West Asia, synthetic metal golden beads About the old colored glaze beads: This is an old glass bead made by the ancient method. The smaller the glass bead, the more difficult it is to make. It is not easy to find this kind of old glass bead on the market, because the production process requires a lot of eyesight and cannot be made at an older age. , And each old colored glaze is a little different in size because it is handmade! This is also the special feature of this necklace. ◉Three things and maintenance about Liuli essential oil bottle: Use a syringe to absorb the essential oil or perfume you like, and pour it into the essential oil bottle. Due to the surface tension of the liquid itself, a small hole of 1mm cannot make the liquid flow out of the bottle, but it can slowly evaporate through the small hole. The slight aroma is always with you. The recommended filling capacity of the essential oil bottle is about 0.5-0.6ml. The time to maintain the fragrance depends on the length of wearing time and the temperature at the time. In principle, the more heated the bottle, the faster the volatilization speed will be! If you shake the bottle vigorously, the liquid in the bottle will break through the surface tension of the small hole and run out. Once the injection hole becomes wet, the volatilization speed will accelerate! If you don't want the aroma to be too strong, please keep the injection hole dry. How to change cleaning and essential oils? 1. Fill the essential oil bottle half full with alcohol, wash it by shaking, and then suck out all the alcohol 2. Fill the bottle with alcohol as much as possible, let it stand for one day, suck out all the alcohol and dry it in the shade


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