Art mirror flower clip long clip wallet phone bag gold bag oblique back small bag side back small bag shoulder bag female

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Just go out and just want to bring mobile phones, change, banknotes, cards, this literary-style gold-plated carry-on bag, with long clips, mobile phone bag, coin purse function, leather strap adjustable, go out can be so literary art blue ~


Art mirror flower clip long clip wallet phone bag gold bag oblique back small bag side back small bag shoulder bag female


**Commodity Story**|Story of Item In the quiet morning, the sun shines on the dressing table, the background music is delicate and soft, and the retro and literary girl is reflected in the round mirror. Even if the outside is awkward, the girl still concentrates on the elegant life. **Design Concept**|Design Principle Simple, everyday, soft, and imaginative The triangle that appears on the side of the opening represents the imaginative power that looms from the small gap and pours out the dream power, conveying the girl's unique cleverness and creating a surprise personality. **Size Description**| Size Bag: width 21cm / height 11.5cm, Japanese cloth long clip Inner bag: 3 compartments with 1 zipper bag and 6 card pockets, perfect for sorting mobile phones, banknotes, change, cards, invoices Strap: leather leather, 66~120cm, shoulder, side back, cross back. In addition, there are also hand-lifting straps that can be purchased, as explained below. **Manufacturing Process**|Production Process Hand-stitched, especially with a layer of cotton padding between the body, which can reduce the impact and enhance the softness and comfort of the body. Self-grinding leather strap, no chipping, adjustable length, easy to lift, softness to extend the backing time, adding extra points to the user's texture. **Product Features**|High Light The designer hand-stitched the gold frame with a hand, the feel is 100% Delicate little water jade dot Japanese cloth The circular plant print in the middle is like a mirror, and the girl’s literary temperament is circled. Sort and store mobile phones, banknotes, change, cards, invoices, and make the wallet properly organized~ The designer's carefully matched inner lining is extraordinarily exquisite, which makes people feel good when they open the bag. The zipper bag inside is movable, free to take and place, and more convenient to use! **Notes**| Attention ⁎The color of each computer and mobile phone screen is different. Please use the actual product. The fabric inside the bag may be different due to the consumption of the stock. The designer will try to make the tailoring with similar patterns and styles. If you want the perfect one, please place the order carefully. If you have any questions about the design of the museum, please contact the designer. Hand strap can be purchased separately → **Other colors** **The gold bag (bead bag) is an elegant temperament. The design of the dish is dedicated to the beauty of the gold bag, and it feels different styles in different ways, so that everyone who uses it can show it. Your own characteristics and imagination.** **The design of the dish is innovative, so the package is only made in a small amount and limited edition, so that you can take away the unique feelings of the pursuit of the characteristics.**