cocobolo 2016 forest fragrance brand star FlowerBox [] series -

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cocobolo 2016 forest fragrance brand star FlowerBox [] series -


cocobolo 2016 forest fragrance brand star FlowerBox [series]

2016 Preserved flowers box of fruity aroma collection designed by cocobolo flower

"The Fault in Our Stars" (The Fault in Our Stars) mentioned: "In the imperfect life, love, that is, we only better. "Perhaps their environment and life is not everything is satisfactory, but it can meet friend Xiangxi the other half between each other like two shining stars of interstellar collision of a more dazzling light.

Flower has a star can continue to maintain the beauty secrets will not fade, but in the process lost the original pollen and fragrance, hydrangea flowers during re-embrace those who belong to the sweet and sour lime orange fruit, some round Burt wood aroma, mild and fragrant with cinnamon lavender, these selected natural flavors will spend with you as the star passed a wonderful ...

Life will eventually come to an end at that moment, and positive energy every day from your hand with a total of old, he (she), cocobolo designs for the next two brand star FlowerBox a sincere affection eternal painting for a while still in bud courageous confession of love, passion secret meaning in the patch of pink bubble in May this love personally delivered to your arms, embraced together, sit together on earth, together with breathing too happy!

Confession of love ‧ confession of love

FlowerBox size │L 25.5cm, W 25.5 cm, H12 cm
(Material / paper, color / black charcoal)

Creative elements │
Does not wither / roses, gerbera, hydrangea, pepper berries
Drying / orange slices, whole pieces Lyme, France white plum, lavender, Ji fern

Star flower design of commodity cocobolo are using does not wither items are imported from Japan and a small portion of dried floral
Star flower is a flower with a special technique to handle and can be maintained for 1--3 years will not fade
Weekdays opportunity to take care of without watering and Reduce direct sunlight
Avoid excessively humid or staining caused by transparent petals
If a long time to place flowers and dust to avoid direct hand touch
Available light 撢 brush or hair dryer to blow cold air can
That is in the process of removing the aroma of flowers and pollen, so do not worry cause allergies

Shipping instructions │

Cocobolo every kind of goods are all handmade,
If you are not satisfied or there is any damage to the receipt of goods,
Please provide us with pictures and details about the return of the discussion.

We face up to the quality of each product produced, the
Also expect you to give us feedback on the more positive aspects.
Thank you!

Origin / manufacturing methods
Star floral cocobolo used are selected from the imported from Japan and Taiwan brand design is completed


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