Vine likes you

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"Vanilla likes you" This model uses Japanese imported embossing, and the flower is limited to be sold out.


Vine likes you


The quotation can now be selected one by one. The color of the flower is chosen six times. Welcome message to discuss ❤️

- Select the flower color as shown:

- Choose one of the three quotations:
Friendship often ends in love; love never ends in friendship.
"Friendship often ends in love,but love,in friendship never."
Proverbs: Internet.

🌹 If you hate me, I don't mind at all. I am not living to please you.
"If you hate me, I don't really care.I don't live to please you."
Proverbs: Internet.

The future belongs to those who believe in their own dreams.
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Proverbs: Former US First Lady

"About Flowery_paradise Handmade Flower Shell"

-Mobile phone case material -

🔺All product legends are IPhone series mobile phones. The selected four-corner anti-collision shell only supports "IPhone series", "Samsung Note8" and "Samsung S8&S9".

🔺The rest can be used as a model to use the “Pc+Tpu hard bottom soft-shell all-inclusive shell”. This material is all-machine-covered and has no four-corner cushion design. I would like to inform you.

-Customized -

(1) About 10 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday).
(2) Accept the color pattern of the custom style and style. Please contact us for details.


(1) The surface of the mobile phone case will be evenly coated with crystal glue. This process is to insert the flower material on the phone case and block the contact between air and moisture, so the flower material will not fall off.

(2) The flowers, grasses, butterflies and fruits of the selected materials are made of pure natural materials. Due to the thickness relationship, some of the materials may cause the finished products to be slightly raised on the surface after the glue is removed. It is a normal phenomenon, it does not interfere with the use, and there is no doubt about falling off.

(3) The product is 100% handmade, without vacuum defoaming, so there may be a very small amount of very small bubbles inside the finished product. It is a normal phenomenon and does not interfere with use.

(4) Natural materials cannot be 100% identical, so there is a very inconspicuous difference in all finished products, such as: flower direction, shape, arrangement, etc. The approximate visual sense of the finished product is the same. In case of seasonal shortage or discontinuation of the manufacturer, it will be replaced by the same size and color.

(5) In different models, the number or size of the flowers may vary. The same flower will occupy a different layout on the 4吋 and 5吋 phones, so the number of flowers will vary depending on the size of the phone.

(6) There may be chromatic aberration in different screens on the computer or mobile phone, which is subject to the actual product.

(7) Customized products are customized according to individual needs. All goods are unique, so once the goods are sold, they cannot be returned.

(8) The hand works of natural flower materials, there is a certain degree of difference in each finished product, and it is very important to adhere to the friends who are exactly the same. Please consider clearly.

- Currently accepting custom mobile phone models -

IPhone I5/I5s/I5se I 6/I6s I 6+/I6s+ I 7/I7+ I 8/I8+ I X

Samsung S Series / Note Series /A Series/C9pro /CDAGG

Sony Z3 / Z4 / Z5 / XZ / XZS

Oppo R7 / R7S / R9 / R9+ / R9S / R9S+ R11 /

R11+ / R11S / R11S+ / A35 / A57 / A59 / A73


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