Minamata Cave Travel ・07/13 Forget the water hole, travel the mountains and seas

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Far from the yin and yang sea, close to the thirteenth floor: walk, the landscape of the golden waterfall. Speaking, the intersection of mining and water. Food, Shancheng Meiguan drink soy milk. Do, hand-printing natural beauty.
台湾 / 新北市
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Minamata Cave Travel ・07/13 Forget the water hole, travel the mountains and seas


The Golden Waterfall in Shuiyu Cave is a popular hitting spot, and we all know that its formation is related to mining. The commentary says that the water here is "highly acidic mineral water", but how have you tested his water quality? The water hole and the gourd stone are again in Jiufen, which is called the water gold nine. However, the water hole seems to be inferior to the nine-piece and the gourd-like crowd. Even if the charm of the old street and the gold rush is lost, the water hole is not inferior to Jiufen and Jinguashi. In addition to the Golden Waterfall, the Yinyang Sea, and the world-class thirteen-storey ruins, do you know that the thirteenth floor is actually more than thirteen? On this day, we will come together to look at the private attractions. The mining industry's hydrological impact here is not only the sea of different colors, but also various chemical changes such as topography, wind, humidity, temperature, etc., which have created the magical work of the water hole. In this small trip, we can see the power of nature, and we can also see the power of man. When the two are intertwined, there are conflicts and integrations. The once-prosperous mining industry has extended all the way from Jiufen and Jinguashi to Shuiyudong. The gold mining that followed the gold mining has left a very complete building and factory relics. It’s a pity that it’s just a passing place for tourists... This time, we will lead the way with Teacher Liang Yinmin. The teacher has been studying in the field of water resources and environment for many years. I know the changes in the landscape and human factors, and I can let everyone know the industry, humanities, nature and terrain from the private house. On the way, we will also go to the Shancheng Meiguan. If you feel the ingredients of their heart, you will also make a rubbing cloth bag, and further understand the relationship between the environment and people through the elements of nature. Shancheng Meiguan was formerly the auditorium of Taijin Company (Taiwan Metal Mining Co., Ltd.). Taijin Company has been operating in the Jinguashi area for nearly 40 years. Its predecessor was Taiwan Mining Co., Ltd., which invested in Japan. The 13-storey ruins on the side of the Sancheng Meiguan Museum is the all-mud flotation mine left over from the Japanese occupation. The old-fashioned house is also a place for rest and experience on our way. In this small trip, we listen to stories, learn knowledge, make experiences, taste food, and enjoy the whole and enjoy. Here, even if you take a picture, we have to take a more beautiful photo than the net red. At the same time, we can understand the story and knowledge behind the photo. It is not just beautiful! Guided route| Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall MRT Station (collection) → Take the bus → Environmental Science of Shenao Power Plant → Yuanshan Diversion to Haikou → Water Margin called Haicai Cave → Gold Waterfall Mine and Water → Lookout View 13 and 18 → Shancheng Meiguan Handmade Go → Red River passes no way → Mountain and sea staggered water and stone splashes → Eyes and minds of meteorites → Our distance from Minamata fishing port → Full harvest home Passerby | Liang Yinmin Sessions | 07/13 (six) Time | 13:00-19:30 Adult | NT$ 1,700 Children | NT$ 850 (limited to children aged 7-12. Children aged 0-6 are free.) Organizer | Walking on the island Cooperation unit|Play Island Travel Agency Co., Ltd. Quality Assurance: Medium 0362 / Registration Number: 7524