Taiwan eucalyptus essential oil unilateral compound exquisite gift box packaging through SGS non-toxic test gift spread incense

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Taiwan eucalyptus essential oil 10ml four fragrances once satisfy your preference for essential oils, free shipping and then gifted American eucalyptus incense sticks worth 280 yuan only to not sell Comes with a gift box and bag


Taiwan eucalyptus essential oil unilateral compound exquisite gift box packaging through SGS non-toxic test gift spread incense


Taiwan Elm Oil 10ml Four fragrances satisfy your preference for essential oils at once Free shipping offer The gift of American Elm spreader is only 280 yuan. Exquisite gift box, bag packaging, gift for personal use The benefits of using Taiwanese elm essential oils Soak in the bath and soak your feet for a day of fatigue Lightly wipe in the person or the temple to smell the natural fendo Water oxygen machine, diffuser instrument, aromatherapy room filled with Taiwanese eucalyptus, rich fragrance, sleep all night Gift box contents: Taiwan Elm Oil 10 ml 1 bottle Taiwan Elm Rose Essential Oil 10 ml 1 bottle Taiwan Elm Wild Ginger Essential Oil 10 ml 1 bottle Taiwan Elm Tea Essential Oil 10 ml 1 bottle Gift American Elm spreader 6*6*2 cm 1 Exquisite leather gift box 1 Exquisite brand leather bag 1 - |Taiwan Elm Oil Taiwan Elm essential oil is mild and non-irritating. It is suitable for all ages and skin types. Apply a small amount of essential oil directly to the skin or cotton pad. Massage gently to relieve stress and relax. You can also use an oil lamp to enhance its volatilization and enjoy an indoor forest bath. |Taiwan Elm Rose Essential Oil Based on Taiwanese elm oil, the fusion is made with French rose. It takes 3000g of rose petals to distill out 1ml of rose essential oil. Because of the precious rose aroma, it brings a romantic atmosphere and makes people feel happy! Suitable for couples, couples to use together, feel the sweet taste of love brought by roses! |Taiwan Elm Wild Ginger Flower Essential Oil Based on Taiwanese eucalyptus essential oil, it is made with the essential oil of Himalayan wild ginger flower. It is also the wild ginger flower of the ginger family. It gives you a good night's sleep! | Taiwan Elm Tea Essential Oil Based on Taiwanese eucalyptus essential oil, it is made with Taiwanese alpine tea essential oil, which gives off the aroma of tea. If you like woody notes, don't miss this Taiwanese full-bodied essential oil. It is very suitable for foreign friends and relatives! ▌ Our story https://shop.r10s.com/f59454f0-26f9-11e6-b7b3-0050569976d0/images/Pinkoi/hooming.jpg Since the 1950s, Hualien Hongming Wood Industry has inherited the persistence of Taiwanese wood industry. However, under the influence of the market shock and the fathers who started from scratch, the second generation family members extended their dreams to the wood industry and built Hualien Homestay.桧木居! https://shop.r10s.com/f59454f0-26f9-11e6-b7b3-0050569976d0/images/Pinkoi/ccyy.jpg With the Taiwanese eucalyptus as the main axis, the rafters are designed to breathe comfortably, with the original eucalyptus products that have been developed by themselves. The visitors are placed in the virgin forest of Hualien, and they are full of heart and soul. From vision, touch to smell, it is a complete experience. Yumuju allows you not only to feel the charm of the coffin, but also to appreciate the history of Hualien wood industry. ▌ Our philosophy https://shop.r10s.com/f59454f0-26f9-11e6-b7b3-0050569976d0/images/Pinkoi/CCYYY.jpg With more than 50 years of experience in the wood industry and a professional commitment to wood products, the Tochigi Gifts is designed to extend the design of the "BEUinoki" product (meaning Body/Eat/Use Hinoki; beauty/diet) / Living beech products), each product blends the most original imagination of the coffin, and breaks into the unique fragrance, allowing you to enjoy the fresh and refreshing forest at any time. /Body Hinoki/ combines the extracted eucalyptus essence to design body products such as bathing, shampooing, aroma and maintenance, so that the user can be moisturized by the forest bath to eliminate physical and mental exhaustion and relieve pressure and aromatherapy. /Eat Hinoki / Elm natural aroma fusion diet, taste the faint forest fragrance of eucalyptus, let the consumer feel fresh and sweet in the eucalyptus. /Use Hinoki/ Designed with natural color and fragrance for everyday life, and fully utilizes the original function of eucalyptus, durable, antibacterial, anti-mildew and de-worming effects, and experience the texture of log life.


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