Bow fragrance fragrance bottle set | Black 250ml | 13 aroma selection 1

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Bow fragrance fragrance bottle set | Black 250ml | 13 aroma selection 1


Bow fragrance fragrance bottle set | Black 250ml | 13 aroma selection 1


Made with the unique feeling of The Flower Road Simple and unique packaging combination Become a makeup and beautify the texture of each space. Combined content: ◇ The Flower Road black bow scented glass empty bottle ◇ The Flower Road scented supplement bottle 250ml x 1ea 扩 spread incense stick 5ea Choice of 13 aromas: *Depending on the type of aroma selected, the color of the spread will vary. ◆ Eternity Undeliberate and refined, it will be fashionable, and it is a popular fragrance for both men and women. ◆ Pear and Freesia Freesia has a sweet, fruity fragrance that radiates a feminine scent. ◆ Natural Wind In the slow-step forest, accept the essence of the forest; let the sea breeze, absorb the breath of the ocean. It’s still fresh and elegant in nature. ◆ Lime Basil The sour and sweetness of lime and the spicy fragrance of basil make the body and mind a comfortable combination. ◆ Jasmine Jasmine, elegant with a touch of exotic floral fragrance, is refreshing. ◆ Rose Flower Injecting the faint scent of rose scent into the space also brings out a bit of advanced atmosphere. ◆ Mademoiselle As the Parisian woman's aroma is elegant, but also with a bit of passionate romantic atmosphere. ◆ Angel The lively atmosphere, the sweetness and sorrow of youth, no matter who is familiar, the famous aroma. ◆ Sweet Heart Suitable for a romantic atmosphere, the lovely and charming aroma fits well with the privacy. ◆ No.5 Like the popularity of mature women, with a touch of mature powder, it is still popular among women. ◆ Lavender The pure, calm fragrance of lavender is faintly enchanted, and it is also the perfect companion for scented candles. ◆ Orange Juice Sweet orange juice, bringing the sun full of sweet and sour taste, regardless of the aroma of men and women. ◆ Peach Peach Peach, the sweet and sour taste, full of peach fragrance, is a fragrance that brings happiness. Application range: ◇ Indoor fragrance 浴 Aromatic toilet 居 Home space ◇ Beautify the space Instructions for use: 初 For the first time, please do not pour the bottle into the amount of half of the bottle at a time, and then use it until the essential oil is used up. ◇ Please adjust the amount of fragrant bamboo according to the size of the space. Do not insert all the fragrant bamboos at once. 如 If the scent is weakened during use, wear gloves or cover with a paper towel to remove the fragrant bamboo and insert it upside down.


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