Allow scalp to breathe sheep milk soap cedar oil / fleece-flower root soap / scalp SPA / woody aroma. Bathing, shampooing

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This is for postpartum moms and men who are easy to lose Designed shampoo soap


Allietare The Handmade Fragrance from Taiwan

Allietare The Handmade Fragrance from Taiwan ショップへ

Allow scalp to breathe sheep milk soap cedar oil / fleece-flower root soap / scalp SPA / woody aroma. Bathing, shampooing


This is a shampoo designed for postpartum mothers and men who are likely to lose their hair

There are many reasons for falling hair, such as genetics, stress in life, endocrine disorders, abnormal long-term living and working habits, and improper use of the product to cause accumulation of dirt. Careful examination of the possible causes is required to be able to prescribe the right medicine. Whatever the reason, maintaining a healthy scalp is the top priority in raising hair. Professional hairdressing teachers recommend using natural products that do not contain chemical thickeners and harmful substances such as PARABENS, so as not to burden the scalp and lay a healthy foundation. However, the most important thing in maintaining your hair is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, and with the right hair products, you will only have a multiplier effect! (Picked from shan | good conservation classroom: hair loss troubles

Tried dozens of recipes and aroma, finally found this golden ratio combination
Including: powder of Polygonum multiflorum, MIT bitter tea oil, cedar essential oil, castor oil...

After the wash, the scalp is refreshing, not dry, not greasy, and it feels like it's free to breathe! There's no stuffy shampoo...
After the hair is blown dry, it is also fluffy and there is no sense of smoothness caused by chemicals...
The combination of pure vegetable oil can also be used for bathing, and boys can even wash their feet from the head!

In fact, it's not a habit to start using soaps
The hair seems to be thicker, as if it is easy to knot, it seems more dry...
->Because the hair scales naturally open and breathe, not tied to phosphorus

Bubbles without shampoo
->Because we don't add any foaming agents at all, and other chemical ingredients

If you are a novice who uses shampoo soap, we recommend
1. Put the soap in the soap bag when shampooing
2. Apply soap and soap to water and take out a lot of bubbles
3. Wet the hair, use a bubble to rub the scalp, hair
4. Flush and wash again
5. Longer hair, you can choose "vinegar" to moisten
(Apple vinegar or white vinegar can be used. The ratio of vinegar to pure water is 1:10. Wash it evenly on the washed hair, then rinse with water.)
6. Dry your hair, you will feel very refreshing and free ~

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Content: Taiwan's small farmer fresh goat's milk. MIT bitter tea oil, pressed olive oil, castor oil, palm oil, coconut oil, fleece-flower root powder. Cedar compound via.

Weight: 120G (manually about 10% error)
Packing: food grade vacuum packaging
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan/Made By Love


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