Long life lock FH-LLL17 [rich long life] 925 sterling silver jewelry necklace Chinese style / handmade silver

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Long life locks have been a kind of auspicious tokens since ancient times. They are worn on the body like amulets. They pray for peace and health, and they are eager to avoid evil. They take care and heartfelt care and bring comfort and spiritual blessing


Long life lock FH-LLL17 [rich long life] 925 sterling silver jewelry necklace Chinese style / handmade silver


The long-life lock is also known as the name lock (cable). For thousands of years, the long-lived lock has continued to be a symbol of auspicious tokens, like amulets, satisfying people's spiritual comfort and spiritual blessing. Today, it has already surpassed people's pray for God to bless their children and grandchildren, and has become a Chinese nation. The most representative of traditional culture is the embodiment of the spirit of blessing. The silver long life lock is entrusted to the infinite blessings, prayers and expectations of the carers. It is full of hardships and hardships. The Chinese people have been honed through the life of generations. It is a blessing to know that peace is the most important and best for the dear. I hope to condense on the "long life lock", and at the same time with a very sincere heart to hang it on the dear to pray for health and safety. The modern long-lived lock not only continues the function of blessing the health and safety of the people, but also evokes the meaning and value of the new form. The meaning of the long-locked lock "locking love" is even stronger. The couples will regard each other as a matter of affection. Gifts can pray for peace and strengthen each other's love. Works features / Antique silver polishing method, special surface treatment, the whole piece of work presents a simple ancient silver luster! The long-life lock series is designed to retain the thickness of the work when it is made. Although the cost of sterling silver material is increased, it can make the work more solid. The weight of each pendant is about 6-7 grams ± (about two two-dollar coins add up The weight), the size of the coin is less than 1 yuan (visible fine carving), the length of the antique ring necklace is about 16 inches (about 41 cm), you will find more sterling silver with a different sense of solidity than other products. The feel of silverware can be considered as a good choice for heirloom! Have a story! Significant! Have a wish! Have a blessing! Suitable for new weddings, birthday ceremonies, promotion commemorations, commemorative ceremonies, and important gifts that are kind to yourself! Precautions/ ● The body of the hand-casting works will have sand-hole casting seams, which are different from the smooth and smooth texture of the mechanical stamping production objects. The visible sand holes in the naked eye belong to the normal phenomenon unique to hand casting! Non-products! ● Customized works are not accepted for return! Please consider in detail before placing an order! Thank you! Origin / manufacturing methods The United States imports 925 sterling silver. Designer hand work. Taiwan


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