Jingjing Mania * Love2hm guidelines direction titanium crystal / 925 sterling silver pendant

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love2hm ショップへ

Jingjing Mania * Love2hm guidelines direction titanium crystal / 925 sterling silver pendant


* Super love the small bulb !!!

Purple titanium with titanium crystal belong to energy, good role Lucky
Think of creative hair bulb type, hope to shine spar

Guarded, lit the

When darkness falls, when the courage to face.

★ Material and size ::

The direction of the guidelines: 925 * 8mm silver titanium crystal

* Commodity including one fall, free of licensing and silver chain English words: ")
(Sterling Silver English word cards plus purchase price NT270 yuan photo silver chain plus 800 purchase price, welcome message asking: ")

★ silver oxide / Maintenance
925 international standard silver content is 925 per thousand for silver, and the remaining 75 per thousand content of other alloying metals.
When the silver sulfide in the air with love, will generate silver sulfide silver black baby, which may show the intermediate combined gold, that is, a lot of people understand yellowing, are in fact the reaction of silver oxide only.

✔ darkened metal oxide, it is normal, there is no jewelry does not fade, as long as there is oxygen in the ground where there will be oxidized
The phenomenon. No kind of metal to avoid oxidation phenomena.
Gold darken, black and silver, copper and iron rust, is oxidation, which is Ziranguilv, no way to avoid it.
We can only rely on the usual maintenance, so no matter how precious metal jewelry to wear a long time will dim matte.
Especially in summer sweating more, if you usually pay attention to maintenance, alloy jewelry will fade faster in Europe.

✔ jewelry life with personal wearing habits, without a certain number of years.
✔ can be placed in a sealed bag when not wearing the usual, slow oxidation rate, if it becomes somewhat yellowed now with silver polishing cloth can be bright as new.
✔ If you do not have silver polishing cloth to be done with a dry cloth dipped in toothpaste to clean, as there is a good effect Oh.
✔ The other is the high corrosive silver wash water, may damage the silver surface, more is not recommended.

★ crystal purification Goods
Purification is the dimension relies on, enhance energy, because there spar "storage memory" feature, so good spar itself in addition to storing the message, the time will be left with residual bad message, which users will have bad Impact. The safest way is to give appropriate purification spar, spar restore the original so fresh, pure form of energy, you can safely use without any concerns.
✔ colored crystal Do not direct exposure to sunlight, high temperatures may lead crystal that is fading.
✔ crystal if the goods with metal (silver-containing most of the shop design), please do not soaked with sea salt.
✔ The easiest way is to put the Druse purification / geode degaussing charging Oh!

★ Note
1. Natural crystal gemstone inevitable impurities Binglie marbled black spots cotton, because the natural, it is not perfect; please understand that after the purchase, thanks: ").
2. Each a natural crystal, semi-precious stones are all unique presence, the same can not be exist, so the actual product
After no way finished with exactly the same picture Oh!
3. Because of different production materials (such as differences in problem facets, with the materials have different sizes) there will be a complete error after commodity value of 0.1 to 0.3 cm, with no way to exactly the same size when ordering.
4. The commodities are different length, the designer will certainly do the best arrangement in accordance with its length arranged.
5. The silver gadget mostly manual, or bring back overseas, in case of small parts out of stock, it will not affect the overall feeling of finding feature
Member as an alternative.
6. Goods are all real shot, but the camera angle and lighting, among other factors influence, it is inevitable there will be differences. And the color on the computer
Inevitable, kind of size is also good to make a purchase, please understand Oh.
7. The personal computer monitor screen are different, a little color situation can not be avoided in online shopping, do not over-think. If you can not accept, please pass
8. The goods can be modified in accordance with buyer demand adjustments, please leave a message to communicate with us / Contact.
9. Bracelet commodities such as human damage, the opportunity to have a free exchange within six lines; if it is man-made factors need to change lines, modified, as the case may be charged the cost of the wire by hand. (Human factors chosen by the buyer freight collect)
10. Hand Goods Non-molding machine, there must be a certain degree of hand signs or imperfect, if not accept, please pass, thanks.

★ insistence Jingjing
Jingjing home metallic material, unless otherwise marked as medical grade 316L Stainless Steel, all the rest are 925 sterling silver. Other material myself wearing allergic, so wayward playfully, do not sell.
Crystal goods as long as the different types of spar, always use silver spacer beads separated to avoid different hardness rubbing against each other for a long time !! spar (perhaps a lot of people do not think the so-called, but every one is after millions of years spar was only digging into our hands, of course, good value.)
Regardless of the size of the crystal material and for all natural support any inspection, verification.
☆☆☆☆☆ Make sure to accept precautions before subscript ☆☆☆☆☆☆

❤ ❤ Workshop on Jingjing

From the choice of material, pick the beads, do the design, every step is strictly intentions.
Is never met u design gift,
Day love myself more and more pamper yourself
Girl will be more beautiful.

* Workshop Jingjing also have fans!
Origin / manufacturing methods
hand & heart made in Taiwan


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