Colorful summer gift group | summer breeze with fan + mobile phone / tablet 360 degree desktop stand

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Beautiful and warm gift - summer breeze with fan & mobile phone / tablet 360 degree desktop stand


Colorful summer gift group | summer breeze with fan + mobile phone / tablet 360 degree desktop stand


| ideamonster Valentine's gift, birthday gift, no reason is to send gifts, we are ready for you! In addition to the products that are usually loved by others, under the exclusive packaging of the delicate packaging, they are easily transformed into a happy gift. Fill your heart with the heart and dedication to the most important she and him. ▲ ▲ ▲ colorful summer gift combination ▲ ▲ ▲ · Product content | Summer breeze portable fan + mobile phone / tablet 360 degree desktop stand Textured style gift wrap Attach our well-designed blessing card and write what you want to say to the other party. The back can be written, the card size is 8cm X 8cm. (The card can choose the style or tell us the object you want to give gifts) Ideamonster gift bag | Summer Breeze Portable Fan | Feel the fresh and pleasant winds of the face - the hot items that must not be missing this summer, whether it is light travel, mountain climbing, seaside, camping, barbecue, picnic, shopping, queuing, squatting children (hairy children), etc... Super fit **Features:** [USB charging] Built-in battery, USB can be used for charging, full charge can be used continuously for up to three to eight hours (depending on the choice of air volume) [Three sections of air volume] Three air volume options (soft wind, comfortable wind, cool wind) [quiet wind volume] The five-piece blade structure effectively increases the air volume and reduces fan noise, making it more comfortable to use anytime, anywhere. [with dedicated base] For indoor use, simply put the fan on the dedicated base and convert the vertical desktop fan喔 👏Three charming summer colors~ wait for you to own 🔷Rose Coral Rose Coral Powder Pink is like a sunset, calm and friendly, and temperament, which makes people feel fascinated and fascinated! 🔷Snorkel Blue Tranquil Deep Blue The deep blue sea with a little gray tone makes people yearn for freedom and strive to continue to explore the boundless universe! The fascinating sea is deep blue, and the quiet presence has a unique charm! 🔷Limpet shell pearl shell blue Dreamy light blue, with a hint of pearl luster and cool green, clear, bright colors, giving people peace of mind! |Mobile / Tablet 360 Degree Desktop Stand | ▲ Any angle of view Built-in limit gear design, stable support at any angle ▲ easy to adjust quietly A new generation of cardless mute structure design makes adjustment easier, less labor-saving and quiet ▲ live tightly for you The bottom is equipped with a non-slip rubber pad, which is stable on either the phone or the tablet. ▲The texture is delicate and textured Beauty is ubiquitous, and it’s so good to match your phone. ▲ Both modes can be stably supported 360-degree rotation adjustment, two support modes, even large-size mobile phones and tablets can be easily achieved from any angle of view ▲Simple textured desktop style starts now The simple and simple desktop is even more refreshing. Come to the afternoon tea and enjoy the good times of the drama! ▲ lighter and thinner is like "hidden" With a feather volume of only 42g and a thickness of 1.5cm, the weight and thickness are unaffordable, and it is very suitable for traveling, going abroad or being carried around!


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