Brass - 25mm Expanding Pet Nameplate Thick

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Medium-sized pet brand name (expansion version), Anti-lost amulets for cats and dogs, And it's very cute to wear! Ca



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Brass - 25mm Expanding Pet Nameplate Thick


Medium-sized pet brand name (expansion version),
Anti-lost amulets for cats and dogs,
And it's very cute to wear!
Can also be used as a luggage strap~

The use of matte brush patterns
And made of thick 2mm copper sheet,

With the tag,
Still want to remember to tie the rope!

【Ordering Information】
You can knock on a child's name or other words (English, within 8 words),
As well as knocking on the owner's phone (limited to 1 group),
The English word is about 3mm high.
The number is 1.5mm high,

For two phone numbers, please purchase in the following link.
All names are capitalized (eg DOGGY).
There are other customized requirements please discuss with the designer

The method of fixing on the dog cat collar is to use the key ring.

The small brass ring above the dog tag can change the direction of wear when worn. A small copper ring can be used at most. If no additional notice is given, no small copper ring is added.
As shown, there is no small copper ring on the left and one on the right.
Small copper ring is welded and cannot be removed by myself!!

Please provide within the order: name / phone
If it is not provided, it will cause shipping delays.
Please pay more attention when ordering.

The surface of the brass sheet is inevitably scratched.
The other production process is purely manual non-mechanical production.
Fonts cannot be arranged precisely.
If you are concerned about the above two points, please do not place orders.
So as not to meet expectations.

The length and breadth is about 25mm/the thickest part is about 2mm.

[Brass knowledge and maintenance methods]
◆ Brass itself is a material that easily oxidizes and darkens. It will show different colors over time or wearing conditions, but this is also its unique charm. The wearer who likes retro style will deliberately keep the natural oxidation of brass. The sense of old-fashioned, but should pay attention not to wear or care about it at all, but in the end it will turn into a nearly black urn (also sterling silver).
◆ If you are concerned about the brightness of brass jewelry, you can use the following maintenance methods to restore color or delay discoloration.
◆ The natural friction of regular wear can make the brass shine like new, but the parts that are not easy to rub (such as slots or grooves) will still darken and darken.
◆ The most convenient and quick deoxidation helper is**Toothpaste / Salad off**, add water, bubbling gently scrub or rub, you can restore jewelry brightness in a short time, and finally rinse with water and dry.
◆ the**one tablespoon of white vinegar / two tablespoons baking soda / a teaspoon salt**mixed into a paste, and coated on a clean brass desired applicator back and forth, see brass will slowly brighten, and finally Then rinse with water and wipe dry.
◆ Wipe with a piece of dry cloth dipped in a little copper oil/copper paste to quickly restore light, protect the shiny surface after processing, and delay the time for the next oxidation. Remember to clean off with a salad and then clean it once more. The disadvantage is that the copper oil is still very unpleasant.
◆If it is not worn for a long time, it can be put in a container with a good sealability, such as a clip chain bag.
◆ Avoid wearing with other metal ornaments at the same time, it is easy to produce scratches by friction and impact.
◆ Do not touch water/liquids/chemicals, etc. to prevent the metal from chemically causing rapid blackening.

Origin / manufacturing methods


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