Customized ink - dip pen, pen ink color custom

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Want to have your own unique ink? Try a custom ink!


Customized ink - dip pen, pen ink color custom


Want to have your own ink color? Customized ink service! Just provide the color ticket you wish, and some narration, you will get a unique bottle of ink! With a capacity of 18ml, it is made of dye imported from the United Kingdom. It is neutral and can be filled with pens. The appearance of the use of advanced matte glass bottles, Bachuan paper light labels, allowing you to accurately know the color. The custom process is as follows: 1. After ordering, send a color ticket image file to the station letter. Color tickets like this are fine You can use the little artist, word, and other computer built-in software to save it to jpg or png. Not need to be too big 2. Describe the requirements you need, for example, fine-tuning the ink on the market (ex: I want a more blue winter general) You can also experiment with the colors of existing inks to subsidize the feeling you want to present. (ex: It can even be the impression of a brother and anime character, etc.) 3. Optional extra requirements: Need to add pearl powder, what color should be present, can be directly required The amount of pearl powder can also be discussed You can choose a name or not. If you do not name it, the tag will look like this: 4. After about 2 days, I will show you the first test (Using Bachuan paper, try not to light, no adjustment) The control group will generally choose the similar color of Dachang. **Can specify control ink,**as long as I have it.. Can be fine-tuned. You can choose to fine-tune the depth adjustment, hue adjustment, but**upper and lower limit of 20%**. Can be adjusted 3 times, more than once +30 yuan. 5 After confirmation, it is not allowed to change, pack, or ship. Precautions: 1. This is a customized item and cannot be returned or exchanged. 2. Due to differences in screen display, personal feelings, etc., the dye modulation may also have unacceptable colors (eg fluorescent light). Unable to 100% accurate color correction. Please commission based on trusting me. 3. Because the flow properties of the ink, when the first toner color shades to control**color seen at intermediate applicator**vicinity is not the most concentrated and then massage the situation. As the picture above shows the windows color picker, assuming that the color specified by the arrow is specified, it is possible that the same bottle of ink can be used to write the entire gradient shading. 4. Sheen and gradients can only be tried but not guaranteed. 5. Custom products are all**not waterproof, neutral, dye ink**, can not accept special requirements. 6. If you can't send it overseas, if you need to send it overseas, please contact the shipping company that can send ink to overseas and tell the company address.


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