Double-sided water-repellent drink cup bag - tabby cat (optional color)

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> cute retro realistic wind hand painted watercolor illustration >Designer's manual sewing >The cloth surface is made of water-repellent cloth, it is easy to dry when wet~


Double-sided water-repellent drink cup bag - tabby cat (optional color)


This is a small eco bag that was conceived in Taiwan’s hand-cranked cup. Not only the beverage cup, but also the breakfast can be used; In the evening, I will go to the supermarket to buy beer, which can be loaded in cans or bottles. I was called by my mother to buy soy sauce nearby, and I can also use it to put soy sauce (and change, key). The most important thing is that the above patterns are the illustrations of the museum~ The bag is a self-designed version, which is made by hand. From illustration, layout design, fabric selection to bag forming, All of them are the ones of the back stitches! >750c.c beverage cup bag effect >The cup can be used on both sides and folded for storage (approx. 9 x 8 x 2 cm after storage) >Pocket can be placed in addition to storage >The fabric is not easy to wrinkle, not afraid of smashing and easy to organize and carry >The inside and outside of the bag are made of water-repellent cloth. (The water-repellent water will still absorb water, but the cup has a double layer, so it will not wet to the outer layer - and pull the inner bag out to dry, it will dry up soon!) >There are two handles that can be knotted and fixed >Can be loaded with a large cup 1000cc >Select the pattern background color: This model has five colors of "pink, blue, rice, orange, green" (The color that cannot be selected in the product specification menu is currently out of stock) (The color and clarity of the electronic screen is better, it will be slightly different from the actual printing, but it does not affect the overall design effect. If you don't mind, please do not place an order.) >Select the color of the bag: ++ total 11 colors: black, dark coffee, dark blue, gray, khaki, gray blue, royal blue, light blue, blue green, dark green gray, red ++ Don't worry about the color matching is very strange, I will send the analog color map to you after placing the order. >Customized process: >> Please match the "Bottom Color", "Outer Bag Color", "Inner Bag Color" and make a note when ordering! >> After the order is completed, I will send you a “simulation map” to confirm >> After you confirm the simulation, you will start making 啰! >>You can change the color of the bag before making it. The number of custom waiting days starts from the confirmation of the simulation. >The following are other people's custom color matching for your reference~ Look at the more environmentally friendly cups and bags in the museum↓↓ >Content and size: Eco-cup bag x1: approx. 16.5 x 29 cm, about 9 x 8 x 2 cm after storage >Material: Waterproof cloth >Attention! >>Although the designer has tried very hard to fix the photo to the most correct color, But there will still be color differences between different electronic screens and merchandise!


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