TOMO - Mud with wood clock / white oak / clock cement solid wood mute

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Home // can also feel the beauty of nature# / Wood grain is like a landscape painting /Using real natural wood raw materials Wood grain carefully selected by TOMO /New generation of handmade production / Created a unique mud and wooden clock / Home / / can


TOMO Studio

TOMO - Mud with wood clock / white oak / clock cement solid wood mute


#泥与木时钟 In today's life, time is always chasing us, but have you ever thought about it, calm down and enjoy the beauty of time? The combination of cement and wood makes the cement no longer just an icy building material, and each piece of wood texture is like a characterization of the years. A beautiful painting that comes out with a star-like brass metal embellishment makes the mud and wooden clock more textured. Stay in this beautiful moment! #温度 comes from a unique handcrafting process Every piece of mud and wooden clock is made by hand. From the beginning, I want to draw, proof, and mold. , the fine grinding of cement to the forming and the high-brightness polishing of brass metal, these processes make every piece of work There are handcrafted temperatures and are the most unique. #产品规格 ◤ Size 200 x 200 x 42 mm "Length x Width x Thickness" ◤ Weight 1.2kg ◤Material clay material / white oak / walnut / brass #Precautions 1. Both cement and wood chips are hand-made. Each surface has different texture and texture, and may have pores and hand-made. It is a natural phenomenon that the surface will still change due to the environment or the passage of time and frequency of use. 2. The wood chips are natural solid wood. In some cases, natural cracks may occur, and wood oil may also be used for wiping and maintenance. 3. Wood chips are naturally grown in trees. The color is dark and the wood grain is not the same. It is a normal and reasonable phenomenon. 4. The surface of the brass will gradually change due to the natural oxidation reaction, and it can be wiped and maintained to maintain brightness. 5. There may be color difference between the computer screen and the actual color. Please refer to the actual product received. 6. Do not wash directly. If it is dirty, wipe it gently with a damp cloth. 7. Install the battery Do not use alkaline batteries, please use carbon zinc battery. 8. Use nailed hooks whenever possible to avoid falling and breakage. 9. Cement is fragile and should not be dropped. #交易通知 1. All products are hand-made. Be sure to confirm the size and precautions of the product before the subscript, and do not retreat because it does not conform to the product specifications. (Exchange) goods service. 2. All the goods shipped are brand new products. All shipments are not provided for trial use. Once the goods have been used, no return (replacement) will be provided. 3. If you have any questions about the goods received, you can use the station letter to contact us.


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