RESEARCH NOTES Waterproof Notebook Big Brown Brown

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The Research Notes series is designed to carry out various records and research designs in daily life. Therefore, the inner pages used have a certain degree of water resistance, strength, and tearing. It is not easy to smudge or even penetrate through the



RESEARCH NOTES Waterproof Notebook Big Brown Brown


Everyday life is filled with all kinds of things that people can put into research. The RESEARCH NOTES is to convey the spirit of “Explore more”, which is a notebook developed to help various adventures and research in life. The Research Notes series is designed to carry out various records and research designs in daily life, such as food research, film research, coffee research, travel records, and more. Therefore, the inner sheet used has a certain degree of water resistance, and the paper is acid-free, strong, and not easily torn, and is not easily broken even if it is wet. Writing with a pen is not easy to smudge or even penetrate. Applicable to most writing instruments or painting tools. (There will be more detailed water-resistant paper introduction below) The inner pages are all 48 pages, wire loaded, the paper used: white, light brown Large: 11 x 21 cm, light brown 71g, white paper 77g Small: 9 x 12.5 cm, light brown 34g, white paper 37g The inner page is the newly added specification. The inner page grid is the "Precise Dot Grid System" that we developed. All the grid points are small crosses, which allows you to more accurately match the line. Quasi, and the cross will also fit into the line drawn, seemingly integrated. RN water resistant paper features: paper writing and water resistance Because of the need to cope with various use cases during the study - for example, writing recipes in a kitchen that is easy to wet, comparing the coffee liquid that was accidentally spilled when drinking various coffees, and suddenly raining when recording the ecology outdoors, so use one A very special water-resistant paper is used as the inner page. Research Notes (hereinafter referred to as RN) is different from other similar products. Although there are already waterproof notebooks on the market, for us, it has a plastic inner page material, and the texture is too smooth to be difficult to control the pen, and can not provide us with a good writing experience. If you use a ballpoint pen, when you put it on your notebook for a while, the handwriting will "transfer" to the page, causing difficulty in reading. Some waterproof papers have improved the material and made it closer to the paper, but the paper can't be written in water-based ink, so pens, water-based pens, etc. can't be used. The optional pen paper has pencils and atoms. The pen can't let the user enjoy the writing. RN's water-resistant paper has the feeling of writing on paper. The definition between water resistance and water resistance is so different: waterproof paper does not absorb water even when it is in contact with water, so it can completely shake the liquid on the paper. Water-resistant paper will absorb water, but when it meets water, only the surface will be wet, it will not be soaked, and even if it is wet, it will not be broken. Even if it is drenched, there is no need to worry about damage. Also, because only the surface layer is wet, the drying time is also shortened a lot. After drying, the paper may be somewhat curled, and after folding, it can be flattened a lot. Five characteristics of RN water resistant: Anyone who has a certain understanding of paper knows that the above conditions are impossible to have at the same time, because some of these characteristics are even contradictory. But the use of this paper on the RN water-resistant notebook broke the general impression, which made it the world's first notebook with the above five characteristics: Have a certain degree of water resistance To be able to use all kinds of writing instruments Have a sense of writing on paper Paper must have strength and tear resistance Not easy to smudge, not penetrated Below we have compiled a table to give you a clearer understanding of the characteristics of the same type of paper on the market: ( ◉: Best, ◯: Moderate, ▵: Normal) RN water-resistant notebooks that can be used: any type of writing instrument can be used The RN paper is also very suitable for pen writing. It has the same characteristics as high-grade writing paper, and it is so powerful that it does not pass through. We used the most serious oily microphone pen to test it. The RN water-resistant paper also lived in the same way, and no back-to-back phenomenon was found. (Figure 8) It can use any kind of writing instrument. Even we use it to paint watercolors, and there is no paper that claims to be waterproof/water resistant. In practical applications, as long as you choose a pen ink with waterproof effect, after the pen is written, the ink will not be smeared when the ink is dry, and the water will not be erased (Note: depending on the effect of the waterproof ink). Research Notes is to convey the spirit of Explore more. When using RESERACH NOTES water-resistant notebook, there will be no paper and writing work concerns. It is a notebook that can help explore and research in various life.


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