Come to this set of bags, tear, unwashed, kraft paper, drink bag, gray

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The environmentally-friendly material made from plant fiber is improved for the shortcomings such as the cotton bag on the market, and the volume is reduced by more than 50%. For the storage control, you can squash the bag or roll up the storage pocket!


Come to this set of bags, tear, unwashed, kraft paper, drink bag, gray


100% handmade / HANDMADE Material: German washed kraft paper Dimensions: 13.5X13.5cm (flattened state) Extra thick pounds 0.55mm thick *Approximately 27 cm after the opening, the cup body can be measured to determine the "use height" to confirm the stability. - Washed kraft paper is the material used in the back of Levi's jeans. It is called "unbreakable kraft paper". It has the characteristics of washing, abrasion and printing. It has a leather touch and has a long time and feels. Being decomposed will not burden the global environment! In the 2018 reduction movement, we deliberately use this material to create something different! - Daily maintenance: Washed kraft paper absorbs moisture and damps. It can be left to dry naturally. It can also be ironed to restore flatness. Please remember to avoid the leather name label to avoid damage to the leather part. (If the skin label falls off, it can be sent back for repair and replacement) 版This version is suitable for commercial 70% hand shake drink (chubby cup, styrofoam cup, clear heart, etc. is not suitable for fat), super business coffee cup (medium cup / large cup), Starbucks (medium cup / large cup) The extra large cup is taller and the center of gravity is not stable enough. Imprisonment is not suitable for loading thermos/glass bottles (cups) / Starbucks hand cups! (Please recommend the appropriate bag for the container mentioned in the above column to avoid tipping over) The parts that can be selected by the customer system are "fabric" and "lifting rope". -The rope is a 9-strand cotton rope in Taiwan, which is more solid than the commercially available cotton rope and the color is more saturated. (If there is no contact designer after the order is placed, the designer will choose it.) - The color of the rope, the default color is "beige" 喔! - The total length of the rope is approximately 55 cm. (If the rope is too long, it can be re-opened, and then adjusted to the applicable length and then knotted. It is not recommended to cut it to avoid inconvenience caused by short use in the future.) Please contact the designer to confirm the name and the name on the leather label. The suede piece is a long strip type (width 4cm* height 1cm), which can be printed with a personal name/nickname to create a unique personal style and taste. ⚠️Each bag is made by hand. The order-to-shipment time is about 3~5 working days (because it has its own job, it will be produced after the order is added and the holiday market will be produced. Please note that the shipping time is longer. If you can't wait for a long time, please confirm the delivery date with the designer, or is there a spot?!) - An environmentally-friendly material made from plant fibers, which improves the shortcomings such as cotton bags on the market, and reduces the volume by more than 50%. For storage control, you can flatten the bag or roll up the storage pocket. ! ※ Size and size: For hand cup M+L/ Super coffee cup M+L/ Starbucks L cup below capacity. (excluding the styrofoam cup / accompanying cup / fat cup / vacuum flask) ※ Pursue a beverage bag that is different from others! ※ It is light, water-repellent, wear-resistant, tear-proof, washable (can be washed more than 200 times) ※ Printable, stickers, paper tape, can be used as a punch (healing small things) ※ Ingeniously designed, the gap between the hanging ear and the cup can be placed and the straw can not be easily lost. ※ Cold drinks are not afraid of getting wet on the table, clothes ※ Increase the contact area with the desktop, improve the stability, not easy to fall over ※ The soft cotton rope is naturally drooping, so you can drink it without having to open the handle. Made in Taiwan / Made to Order


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