[spring ball] titanium crystal x sea water sapphire x red stone x hole stone x 925 silver

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Titanium crystal x sea water sapphire x red stone x hole stone 925 silver



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[spring ball] titanium crystal x sea water sapphire x red stone x hole stone x 925 silver


◆■【Spring Ball】■◆

Titanium crystal x sea water sapphire x red stone x hole stone 925 silver

"Color jumps and flies"

◆■【Material introduction】■◆
Titanium crystal [QuartzRutilated]
Titanium crystal is the most powerful energy in the hair crystal group, which symbolizes great auspiciousness and wealth.
Titanium crystal has six main energy sources: main wealth, partial wealth, popularity, evil spirits, health, and anti-little people.
Titanium crystals are all in the face of wealth, which can enhance the enthusiasm, recruit nobles, and have the meaning of fierceness.

Aquamarine [Aquamarine]
Birthstone Month: March
Alias: Beryl
Eliminate tension, increase creativity, and enhance communication skills to increase persuasiveness.
Increase self-confidence, calm emotions, and be less susceptible to external influences.

Rhodochrosite [Rhodochrosite]
Alias: Red Stone, Inca Rose
Preference to practice and action, increasing confidence to the goal, so it is also suitable for people with existing objects.
Treatment of pain, loss, depression caused by lovelorn, so that the mood is stable and soft.

Purple spodumene [Kunzite]
Alias: Confucius, spodumene
Birthstone Month: February
Peace of mind and body, happy and peaceful, and eliminate tension.

◆■【Customized reminder & description】■◆
- If you have a sensitive body condition on metal, please avoid ordering.
- Product photos will show some color difference due to different weather and screen colors.
- Handmade beads, how many will have the size of the shape, if not acceptable, do not subscript.
- Natural ore will have uniqueness, ice floc, grain, and mine. We will try our best when we make it, but we can't make every bead 100% perfect. These are the bounty of nature. If you can't accept it, please don't subscript 喔.

◆■[part of the hand]■◆

- Please inform me that the hand is a few centimeters after the order is placed, which will speed up the receipt of the work.
- If you are not sure, please write to us to discuss with our team.

Hand circumference method:
- Take a tape measure or a line or piece of paper around your wrist, mark it and spread it out.
- Please give us the size of the wrist (cm). We need the "real" of your hand, so don't use it too loose or too tight.
- Finally, please let us know if you want to wear it (the bracelet can slide a little) or loose (can slide up and down freely).
- Because of the difference in the size of the hand, the arrangement will be fine-tuned according to the length, which will increase or decrease the material 有些.

◆■【Jewelry Maintenance】■◆
- If the silver is worn with contact with sweat, skin care products, etc., it can be oxidized by wiping with a silver cloth.
- Avoid letting the jewelry touch the water, contact with acid and alkaline, body lotion, perfume, etc.
- It is recommended to take off the water or take it before bathing. If it is exposed for a long time, it will be oxidized and faded.
- When wearing Japanese elastic threads, try not to pull hard to avoid fatigue and breakage.

◆■[After-sales service]■◆
- If the goods are manufactured, except for defective products, there is no refund or replacement service.
- If you need to change the size after receiving the goods, you will need to pay the additional postage and additional production costs.

◆■ [I hope everyone can find their own unique natural stone jewelry 喔] ■ ◆


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