Embroidered word socks and shrapnel packs are produced*

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It can be embroidered with an exclusive name, suitable for friends' anniversaries, birth days, full moons, gifts...etc. Customized charms, customization, gifts.


Embroidered word socks and shrapnel packs are produced*


* The brand label is now changed to the inside of the sock and shrapnel bag, not in the lower right corner of the front to show the integrity of the bag fabric. :) * For the first photo of the red dot blue card, please contact the designer, thank you. :) -You can place small things with you, as well as small gifts that you want to convey your mood, carry-on change, headphone cable storage, accessories, necklace storage, ring storage, etc. The key is stored in a space of 1 to 2 keys, and the length is limited to 8.5 cm. - It can be embroidered with exclusive name, suitable for friends' anniversaries, birth days, full moons, gifts...etc. **Product content** * Material: cotton canvas, printed cotton cloth, spring buckle, mountaineering hook, Japanese cotton ribbon, embroidered thread. * Size: The opening of the shrapnel is 7 cm wide, and the shrapnel is tightly closed to allow for change. The size of the bag is as large as the palm: 7 cm wide and 8 to 8.5 cm high. The socks are about 8.5 cm. The height of the shrapnel is 1.2 cm and the width that can be opened is 7 cm. * Accessories: Attach a climbing hook that can be hung on the appropriate bag or accessory. **Product ordering process** **For a beautiful order, please pay attention to the instructions for custom embroidery below!!** - The length of the cloth strip is about 5 cm. The name is the main one. The text should not be too much. The word thinning will be unrecognizable and difficult to read. - The shrapnel test of the socks and shrapnel packs, the change will not fall!! Provide your reference. https://www.youtube.com/embed/aQLZNgHdf9A **(1) Text**(mainly by name, nickname, word, idiom, too many words will cause overlapping strokes, not easy to read 喔.) Please inform the text you want to sew. (It can be written directly in the remarks column of the order "To the designer") * Chinese: general font; girl body; bold type. * English: general font; cursive body; Kristin handwriting. * Japanese (including Japanese characters): black body, standard body (similar to a brush). * No Korean, no Simplified Chinese, no Thai. - No remarks, all made in a normal font, from left to right horizontal. - rare characters or words, some fonts will not be displayed, and normal fonts cannot be produced if they cannot be displayed. - English scribbled capital strokes will not be written together, English should be capitalized + lowercase, or all lowercase, strokes will be written together. https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2917/33461267556_50368be132_o.jpg - The additional pattern size will be resized with the embroiderable space. Please let me know, for example: "(A1 love), (B8 umbrella map)...", thank you. https://live.staticflickr.com/3816/33461267566_a4595bf82a_b.jpg **(2) The color of the embroidery** - Embroidery color: red, pink, pink, orange, grass green, lake green, water blue, royal blue, dark blue, light purple, deep purple, brown, black. - Need to replace please note. - Random color matching: If there is no special color to choose, please indicate "Please make your own color matching" or "Random color matching". https://c1.staticflickr.com/4/3952/33461267236_1e8e042348_o.jpg **Origin / manufacturing methods** Taiwawn Taipei / Handmade


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