[Herbal True Feelings] Dream Tour (Combined Essential Oil 100ml) (P4018476)

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◎Combined essential oil ◎ glycoly aromatic ◎ soothes tiredness ◎ improves sleep



[Herbal True Feelings] Dream Tour (Combined Essential Oil 100ml) (P4018476)


**Compound essential oil /**
Each of the unilateral essential oils has its effect. In order to achieve a specific purpose, the unilateral essential oils are combined in proportion, and the compound oil is prepared by mixing two or more kinds of unilateral pure essential oils according to the ratio.

**Dream-by-dream trip**
◆English name - Dream
◆Combination ingredients - French lavender, rose geranium
◆Taste description - elegant sweet rose with a hint of woody aroma
**Dream-by-dream journey essential oil effect /**
◆ Helps soothe body and mind, promotes blood circulation, and helps sleep improve.
◆It is suitable for skin care, has a fragrant taste and astringent bactericidal effect. It can balance the secretion of sebaceous glands, improve skin relaxation and pore blockage, balance sebum secretion, and clean greasy skin.
**Mode of use /**
◆Aromatherapy ◆ Bathing relaxation ◆With massage base oil ◆Cold/hot compress ◆Use handmade soap

**storage method/**
Be sure to use a dark glass bottle, and lock the bottle mouth at 25 ° C ambient temperature, avoid storing the essential oil in a humid environment or direct exposure to the sun to avoid deterioration of the essential oil (the essential oil does not need to be stored in the refrigerator).

**It is recommended not to use objects /**
◆Children/Pregnant women/Breastfeeding ◆Broad bean disease ◆Low/hypertensive patients ◆Epilepsy patients ◆Sensitive groups

◆ Essential oils should not be taken orally for external use.
◆ Do not use high doses and use them frequently.
◆ Please place it in a place where young children are not easy to take.
◆Physically sensitive, perform sensitive tests before use.
◆ Do not touch essential oils on the eyes, inner ear and mucous membranes.
◆The volatility of essential oils is high, please tighten the cap after use.
◆ Do not mix different brand essential oils to ensure the effect of essential oils.
◆The aroma conditioning method is recommended to be used by a professional aromatherapist.
◆ Lactating women should not use essential oils because they can pass the milking, avoiding during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
◆ Do not use at night, may cause insomnia. It is best not to use it for a long time to avoid serious interference with normal sleep.
◆ Avoid diluting essential oils with plastic, easy-to-dissolve or oil-colored surfaces.
◆ Essential oils are susceptible to light and heat, so put the essential oil in a blackout bottle and keep it in a cool place.
◆ Avoid diluting essential oils with plastic, soluble or oil-colored surfaces. Use glass, stainless steel or ceramics to dilute.
◆Mint essential oil has photosensitivity and absorbs ultraviolet light. If it is exposed to the sun after being applied to the skin during the day, it will cause allergic stimulation and melanin precipitation. It is not recommended for use during the day.
◆ Do not use broad bean disease, low/high blood pressure, epilepsy patients, pregnant women, and infants. If you need to use, please refer to relevant information or consult a professional doctor.
◆The above information provides reference for general oil users. The company's products do not involve any medical behavior. Aromatherapy is a natural treatment and cannot be regarded as orthodox medicine. If you have any discomfort, you should seek legal professional treatment to avoid the best time to delay medical treatment.


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